Let's Say You Can Design Your Dream H Bag

  1. a la Jane Birkin. I don't mean SO leather and hardware, I mean truly come up with your own purse design. What would it be? Or did you already find your dream bag in the current H portfolio? (HiHeels, we know your answer already. :p )
  2. For and everyday bag, the Bolide is IT! Just perfect!
    For sheer beauty and something that makes me happy just looking at it - it's the Kelly.
  3. Thanks GT! I was just thinking... if it weren't because of Jane Birkin, we wouldn't have this classic to admire. I wonder what (and when) the next bag that H comes up will be?

    Edited to add that I do know the Birkin was modifed based on the original HAC design.
  4. If I could change one thing- I would make the standard birkin in a 32cm and modified slightly to fit comfortably over the shoulder.
  5. I'd be interested to see what a kelly would look like with an edge detailing on the flap (like how the Birkin isn't cut straight across) Not anything too much- just a subtle curve or something.
  6. omgd LOL:shame: :shame:
  7. i would want a smaller version of the JPG shoulder birkin. The current one is wayyyy too big, but i really like the design.
  8. I totally agree with jag. Lengthen the straps of the birkin. I wear my Chanel cerf tote over my shoulder because it fits that way. I would love a Birkin to do the same.