Let's ReVisit the Whole "Ban" Thing, Cause I'm A Loser...

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  1. and it's not working for me, lol. Let me explain...

    So, I was bored and bf went bowling as usual. I don't know why but I filled up my gas tank and headed down to Off 5th with my coupon. I'd been itching to go all week and figured I'd go ahead and satisfy my curiosity. I don't know why I convinced myself that I could actually go and not buy. Well I've done it before so maybe that's what I was banking on.

    Well, I tried on the Ombre Checkerboard Exeter and decided it had to go home with me. Not only did it look superfab with my outfit but I realize that the majority of my spring/summer wardrobe is cream, tan, brown, and green. Perfect!!! I want you to know that I did try and talk myself out of it. I walked around that store for 40 minutes but to no avail. Once I remembered I still had a credit from the whole Morant debacle ....between that and the coupon there really was no stopping me.

    So it's obvious to me that I can't stick to a ban so I decided to make rules for myself that I could stick to.
    - First I have invoked the MissNovember "one comes in, two go out" rule. I already have the Saddle Morant going and an LV bag. So I'm actually going to end up getting more money coming in than just went out.
    - Secondly I am not allowed to buy any LAMB bag at retail. I can only purchase from NR or from Off 5th with at least a 20% off coupon but preferably the 30% coupon.

    Now, those are rules that I can stick with. And if I want a new bag it has to be good enough to make me give up an old one. I think that's very reasonable. So I'm bent over.....go ahead and kick me in the heiny!!! :shame: I know I let you guys down. But I think I've figured out a way to not drive myself insane!!!

    So I'm waiting for the Silver to post pics of both my Exeters together. I'll post them on Monday. :yahoo::wlae:
  2. Oh yeah. In case anyone is interested here is what was at my Off:

    Rasta: Esquivel, Commodore, St. Thomas
    Cheetah: Oxford, Mandeville, Morant
    Shadow: Key pouch, large cosmetics case, clutch wallet
    Ombre Checkerboard: Westfield, Commodore, Exeter, Montego, Mandeville, Morant, Carlisle
    Saddle & LS Saddle: clutch wallet, french wallet, chateau clutch, cyprus
    Kensington: Sutton (I think that's the name?)
  3. Oh knaz! Hahahaha:roflmfao:! I forgive you. And i hope there is forgiveness for me as well. I was supposed to be banned from everything with the exception of the trenchtown. Well i went ahead and bought a shadow carlisle and the chartreuse after this supposed ban!

    I like the bans that you have come up with. I think i could live by those as well.

    And at least you got it at a good price right? I mean that has to make it ok then... right..? lol. And i to will NEVER pay retail again:noworry::blah:!

    And i can't wait to see your pics! CONGRATS!
  4. Do you know how much that rasta st. thomas was?
  5. Thanks! I feel better. :shame: I have such a weakness for the Exeter shape plus the 30% and another $60 credit made it very hard to pass up.

    Hmm....there were two St.Thomas totes, both in good condition. They were in the $400's though I can't remember the exact price, sorry. Plus the 30% off of course.

    There were two girls looking at the LAMB stuff. One asked the SA were the bags priced correctly because she didn't see why the Chateau clutch was priced higher than the Cyprus. So then I gave her a crash course in LAMB bags, lol The SA was like wow you sure know a lot. I was like lady, I own around 15 LAMB bags!!!
  6. Lol! That's right! I'm glad you could 'skool' her. Including the sa! lol. I sometimes think i know more than some of these sa's that i've come in contact with. I'm sure you have felt the same from time time... or always! lol.
  7. which off was it at...i really want a cheetah mandy!!! How much was it? I am in so cal so will they do a charge send? P.s. congrats on your new exeter! i mean your new "exeters" =)
  8. It's Cincinnati Off 5th. 513-671-3143 And they take the 30% coupon via fax. They had two Cheetah Mandevilles at $279.
  9. omg awesome thanks so much =) this forum is starting to grow on me hahahha=)
  10. Lol, it's no problem. I like my Off 5th and they have good customer service. Plus the more LAMB sales I get for them, the more bags they will continue to get in the future which is good for me!!! :graucho:

    Typo on the phone number. The area code is 513. Sorry about that.
  11. knaz,
    i like the rules.. imma have to borrow it cause i think i can stick with that one.. :yes:
  12. :cutesy: Thanks. I had to think of something cause it wasn't worth being on a ban just to break it all the time, lol!!!
  13. Ugh i called and an asian lady had answered and she had no idea as to what bag i was talking about...oh well maybe ill try again tomorrow maybe ill get someone different...she kept telling me it was 199.99 but that couldn't be it...so i asked her isn't there one that is 279 and she said no...but i think she didn't want to look...boo =(
  14. yeah, well....right there with you Knaz! I submitted a best offer for that darn Black Glazed Lucca and got it this morning! Off 5th only had the nude, and I love this bag....so I offered what the Off 5th price would be with the additional 30% off and won.

    I had two reimbursement checks finally come in, so it was "funny money"!

    I need to list a bunch of stuff on ebay, including a few LAMB bags that I just don't use. :wtf: I know, I know.....:lol:

    I'm going to have to wait for hubby to come home, because he has the camera. Hopefully things will be up by Monday, so I can get them out before next weekend!
  15. My gosh, i too have so many things for ebay... i think i might be including some l.a.m.b... *sniff* i know *sniff*. If i'm not giving them the love that they deserve then i should just pass it on to someone who will. right?