---------------> let's rev up our PHOTO RESOURCE thread! <---------------

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  1. I will add my pictures but form some reason they are miniscule!
  2. :tup: I just added my Catwalk and Rive Gauche!
  3. Thanks! Keep 'em coming! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  4. i'll post my bags soon.
  5. I wish we had a chat version of that thread. There are some bags I'd like to gush about.
  6. ^Well, we could use this thread to comment on the reference thread pics, or we could make a new comments thread. Other subforums do that too.
  7. I added two group shots....will add more later.
  8. :bump:
  9. Cosmopolitan,

    Do you think we can have a Family Pictures thread, like Chanel and others? Reference pictures are great, but its not the same as having a pride thread, where we could post our YSL babies, and bath in 'Oh!', 'Ah!', 'Where did you get it from?' comments. :tender:

    Isn't that what the designer bags are about? :yes:

  10. Cosmo I will post a group shot of my bags soon!
  11. ^I've been thinking the same thing. I'll start the thread shortly. :tup:
  12. i posed a few pics in the photo resource. more later :smile:
  13. brian, I love that you put your nearly $2,000 Besace in a "Family Dollar Store" cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRICELESS! :roflmfao:
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