Lets report fake Choos to eBay....

  1. After I looked at that recent fake white Marin in the auth thread, I wondered if we could make a difference. It is sickening :throwup: to see fake after fake. And, I'm very thankful that there are some in this forum that have looked out for me. Perhaps if we routinely reported these fakes, and I mean several people report the same item, it would send eBay a message. It would be like a block watch for Choos!

    I don't know if eBay has taken down an auction because it was reported? Do you? And I also read that eBay will not inform the reporter of the action taken.

    At any rate, here is some info I found...

    First, there is this informative post by CobaltBlu: http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/reporting-ebay-fakes-three-ways-yay-154694.html

    Second, I checked eBay's help center and there is this page, you can click on the link "report counterfeit or replica items" : http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/replica-counterfeit.html

    Do you think this is futile?
  2. I report them all the time. I rarely have seen e-bay remove one I've reported. I reported the fake blue Mahala someone in this forum recently purchased, twice. E-bay did not remove it and now that person has to deal with a seller who sold her a fake. It makes me so mad! :cursing:I think some people must know they are buying fake when there is a buy it now for $189 on a new bag!:wtf:
  3. I was reporting them as well but Ebay does not always takes the listings down so I kinda stop doing it - I was dissapointed, mad, frustated and besides Ebay does not pay me to do their job!!!