>~Let's Reminisce~< (Video Link Included)

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  1. Does anyone remember how popular they were? How simply irresistible and fascinating they were? In Kanye West's "All Falls Down" do you remember being directly drawn to her ambre tote? I sure do, and I remember how much I loved seeing it! Ladies, lets see your ambre or let's even here about how much you love it.

    Here is the video:


  2. I've been wanting one of these since forever!
  3. i missed getting these =( lol
  4. Haha.. I love Stacey Dash in the video.. actually my favourite LV bag EVER but still haven't gotten around to getting one. :sad:
  5. It's such a fascinating line!

  6. can you believe she is 42!?!?! She looks amazing :heart:
  7. what a shame! I wasn't into LV or any bags at that time. When was the released date?
  8. Definitely loved that video because of the bag!!!
  9. must.... have... that... BAG!!!!!!
  10. What a cool video! I've actually never seen that before... love that bag, too! Gorgeous.
  11. 2004:okay:
  12. the ambres were OKAY...too much vahetta..
  13. ^^awww I remember these...they were so so hot at one time..Every other brand was producing transparent totes then...:smile: love it. Too bad I did not buy one but I saw plenty of fakes then heh heh
  14. ahaha I did lol