Let's recap our 2007 bag Obsessions

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  1. For me, 2007 was mostly about Kooba. I collected more of them than I should have, sold some, kept most. Then the fall collection didn't really kick up new thrills and I flirted with Gustto, Botkier, started a serious love affair with Chloe and added a couple of Grysons to my collection, not to mention a couple new LV's too.

    My love for Coach stayed strong again, throughout the year..Coach is like an old lover that you can't ever really leave. :heart:

    However, in the tail end of this year, I've started a new Prada/Miu Miu obsession and I'm afraid it will carry over into 2008...:nuts:.

    What about you? Confess your obsessions for the year here! It will do your soul good. :graucho:
  2. Oh what a rollercoaster the year has been...

    Spring 07 was all about Kooba. I was insane!!! How many do I have left out of the probably dozen I bought? ONE. The Elisha was Kooba's shining moment and for me the only real moment.

    I decided to go for the Gusto and finally allow myself to buy a 4 figure bag. A Gryson. And I already had a couple and now I have even more. This year I have started a long lasting love affair with them.

    I bought a couple B Bags and decided I am not a B-girl. I bought a couple Chloes but haven't found the right one for me.

    I guess all in all the big winner this year was Botkier. I have more of them than anything else. I bought the Bianca, The Cairo, The Rose Hobo, The Nicole, The Bryant Hobo, The Nomad, Sophie, and Cleo...and I kept more than I sold...LOL

    Oh, and I discovered a new found respect for Coach and applaud them for bringing on the Legacy line. I have Two bags from that line that are true keepers.

    I dabbled here and there with Dooney, Gustto, Linea Pelle, Andrea Breuckner, and finally a Morning After Mini.

    2008 will bring at least one Kooba, another Botkier, and Hopefully a Gryson...and who kows what else. I have been seen as fickle.
  3. Belen Echandia - big time! A Love Me in dark grey and an Indulge Me in black crash are on it's way....

    Coach Legacy - the Alis are great bags and have a retro-feel look to them (my friend's mom had a bag that looked similar)

    Hayden Harnett - I'm very sympathetic to those gals affected by their sample sale issues and customer service issues...I certainly bought enough in 2007 to last quite awhile (havana hobo, lorcas, triple C, salina) and I raise a glass to their styles...but I think I'm Hayden Harnetted out for awhile!

    2008? Well, since my BE IM comes in January, I guess that will be my bag - otherwise, I think I am covered! I just came to the conclusion I have too many lovely bags that I choose not to part with, so I am going to be on a strict budget for 2008 :sweatdrop:!
  4. Hmmm...early in the year was Dooney & Bourke and Tokidoki for LeSportsac and then Marc by Marc Jacobs. All of those are sold, lol. I then dabbled in Anna Corrina, Michael Kors, and a few others. It was a hot affair that soon fizzled. The MBMJ led to a serious Louis Vuitton habit which will undoubtedly carry over for many years to come. I also fell hard for the L.A.M.B. luxe line which is definitely carrying over into '08. Right now my entire collection is made up of LV and LAMB. In '08 I hope to add Goyard and keep a simple rotation of three designers.
  5. this year mostly consisted of balenciaga bags for me. I've bought several colors and returned/sold most of them and I'm still on the lookout for a nice neutral. The natural, sahara, and sandstone are my must-have colors and I havent yet found any of them in the work style...hopefully maybe next year i'll have better luck.

    i also dabbled in hayden harnett, gussto, BE, and just recently louis vuitton and I'm starting to feel a serious addiction coming on. I hope to buy some classic LV pieces next year. I'd also like to finally make a chanel purchase too!

    oh and i also want to make a boktier and rebecca minkoff bag just to see the type/leather quality.

    i do want to downsize my collection and making more refined so that i'll have true classics and staples.
  6. Well! BELEN ECHANDIA!!! Purchased three of those.

    Also purchased two MULBERRYs. I guess I like English design.

    Have cleaned out my closet, pared down, and given away lots of bags to friends. My purchasing is slowing down...as my collection is good and I can't justify any more bags...
  7. Oh this is so interesting to read! I'm glad I'm not alone! :graucho:

    I totally forgot that I added two BBags to my collection, a Moni Moni, a couple of HH and my beloved Chanel!! This has been the biggest bag year ever, I'll probably not have another like it..so says my Hubby anyway. :yucky::angel:
  8. I started buying bags just this year.... I bought nothing but Coach products for months. I discovered Tano bags and have two that I adore.

    But I've learned that there are so many other amazing bags out there that next year will certainly bring amazing additions to my collection.
  9. Bought a number of Louis Vuittons, mostly small accs, not so many bags. Igot the bag I *really* wanted though. I'm probably not going to get that many bags for 2008 (that's my goal at least) and focus on wardrobe and style. I have only one big bag purchase planned for 2008.
  10. Well, I started out in diaper bags: Mia Bossi, Lexie Barnes, Ju-Ju-Be.... apparently diaper bags are the gateway bag to a serious handbag addiction cuz I know my story's not unique! ;)

    So then there was Not Rational (of which I have three right now, but have had several others).

    Then a MAJOR Hayden Harnett feeding frenzy! I've had, um ALOT of HH bags and, interestingly have NONE now...

    Love my Rafe Kate hobo as a mommy bag and a diaper bag.

    Maya Moon!! Maya is working on my second custom bag right now...

    Dabbled in Kooba, Balenciaga (I was too nervous to carry!), Tano (will probably get another - so fun!), Linea Pelle.

    As soon as my Belen Echandia Indulge Me arrives I will no longer be a BE virgin - but I can feel another obsession coming on!

    Ahhh - so many bags, so little time (and money :p)!

    Fun thread! :tup:
  11. Wow, 2007 was a big year in bags for me. I'd previously been mostly a Coach/Longchamp girl because I was in law school and needed huge totes to lug my stuff around (and I was broke!!!). But in 2007 I acquired my first Chloe, Chanel (2!), and LV, which started an obsession that doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. I also bought a few more Coach/Longchamp pieces because they're still old stand-bys.

    Bags that I considered in 2007 (and will probably purchase in 2008) include Balenciaga and Kale. I've also fallen in love with Bottega Veneta after my mom "discovered" them this year. Maybe she'll let me borrow one some time?

    2007 brought the waning of my love for Burberry. I bought one business carryall from them that I like, but it's just so heavy. I still break out my Novacheck tote every now and then, but I can't see myself getting another piece in 2008. I also don't think that I'll ever purchase another Coach/Gucci monogram print bag again, though I will continue to use the ones I have.

    Eek, I just counted and I bought 12 bags this year! That's a rate of one a MONTH!

    Great thread!
  12. Balenciaga and Belen Echandia.

    I was in search of the perfect black leather bag and I found it. My goal was to escape logo hell....and I did!

    '08??? More BE and Balenciaga. Once I find something I love..it's game over!
  13. I was very much into Hayden Harnett, Kenneth Cole New York, Betsey Johnson, and Marc Jacobs in the beginning of this year. Since then, I have moved onto buying bags that are of high quality, but also timeless in its appeal and appearance.
  14. I can't even think back to the beginning of the year! I did buy a YSL downtown, a Botkier Sasha, a HH Tharpe, a Balenciaga Day, a RM MAM, a Lockheart and an MJ Multipocket but I'm sure there were others that I can't remember (I'd have to look in my closet). Short-term memory.....sigh.
  15. The first 6 months of 2007 was about quantity, simple quantity. I bought everything under the sun, mainly Koobas (13 in all), Tanos, Gusttos, HH. You name it, if it tickled my fancy, I bought it. I have since sold most of the above, keeping the best Koobas.

    The second 6 months has been about quality. And I finally discovered the type of bag I like best (a satchel or frame style with an extra shoulder strap).

    I got smart and bought fewer bags, honing in on style. Prada, Fendi, LV, Bbag, Chloe and Marc Jacobs now line my bag closet.

    Variety really is the spice of life.