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  1. Tanger Outlet: Williamsburg, IA.

    This store used to have a decent amount of FP deletes, now they have VERY FEW and FAR BETWEEN.

    The SA's are nice to newer clients but get B***HY as they get to know you, heaven forbid you call or inquire in person about a specific bag!!!!

    I would drive MAYBE 20 minutes out of my way to shop this store, and that's if I'm in a good mood!!!!

    Ask for Dianella, she's the ONLY cosistantly NICE and helpfull SA!!!!!

    Watch out for an older red head as you'll NEVER escape her talking (and it's NOT Coach related!)
  2. Prime Outlets at Grove City Grove City, PA: I go here generally 1-2 times a month (although this month it has been 4 times). The store is generally very clean and they are quick to replenish stock. Most of the SA's will help you if you are looking for a specific style, if they are aware what that style is. Usually have a great deal on any FP item you can find, and lately have been getting around 3 FP styles.
    My only issue is that when you call to see if they have a certain item in stock, you cant rely on their response. Especially if that item is on sale. I have been lied to about an in stock item 3 times. I'm not sure if they think that because I am calling that I am in the outlet mall and trying to avoid going in, but its not a personal thing, since none of the SA's know me by name. Most of the time when I am calling its because im trying to convince my fiance to let me go to the store! LOL.

    The best times to go are non holidays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

    Not far from the highway if you are passing by and just looking to make a quick stop, its literally right off the exit.
  3. I think this is a really important thread, so I'm bringing it back. I apologize if there's a newer one.

    Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, FL = Fail, lol. So far, I haven't bought a purse! HATE the amount of shoppers around not only COACH but the whole place. Haven't fallen in love with a bag there yet, as of early Feb. Rushed out of the store twice, so far, to avoid a panic attack. (Can hardly snag a mirror, crazy lines, women with strollers trying to run me over, tourists, etc.) It's better on a weekend morning and haven't been during the week yet. I do know the mall interior gets NICE on week nights, except for around Christmas. BTW, I feel this outlet is small considering Sawgrass is the longest outlet mall in the country, or something like that. (Has FL heard of a two-story mall, btw? LOL)

    Worst of all, they have A LOT of UGLY bags!!!

    That outlet made me run to FP and buy bags that were possibly going to be in the outlet within weeks - I actually swore off the outlet at the time due to horrible experience. I love the experience of good shopping as much as bags! However I'll probably still try sometimes, just won't feel FP guilt!!!

    SAs = PUSHY. Haven't noticed anyone knowledgeable.

    Wrentham Premium Outlets, Wrentham, MA = so far, so good. Went on a crazy holiday weekend and all was fine. Found a bag I loved for $125 including tax. It wasn't super busy and I went back the next day wondering if the 30% coupons worked on cleaner, because I had an issue with a different bag while on a trip visiting. (I am FROM MA, though.) ANYWAY it was nice in there both days. It used to be no sig and now it is! Honestly, that purse and a similar one in the same color were the only ones I wanted, but I still fared better than my several trips to my now-local outlet. They had a wall of sneakers, I think, no flats = bummer. I'd love a shoes outlet so much! But I digress there. It WAS bigger.

    I REALLY want to know if Dolphin in Miami or, preferably due to traffic, Vero Beach are better either in selection or its own version of traffic. Sawgrass Mills Mall, itself, gave me a serious panic attack once! The thing is I live in that city! (We are moving but just slightly north, and not in time for my next hoped-for purchase, anyway.)

    SAs = ok so far, I guess. Remember two; one very knowledgeable, one maybe not so much. Don't remember pushiness.
  4. Tannersville, Pa - seemed to me to be a hidden gem, awesome selection of fp deletes & of course mmf. large store, larger than woodbury commons and very helpful sa.
    Jackson, NJ - good selection of both fp & mmf. good parking and nice sa's.
    Flemmington, NJ - small store, sa not very knowledgeable about fp item, but than again the fp items aren't plentiful.
    Woodbury commoms - good selection of items, zoo at times, only go first thing in morning or later in early evening. SA's are helpful, but not by phone, usually clueless as to stock of fp unless they have alot of that one item.
  5. Seattle Premium Outlets Tulalip, WA my "home" outlet because they are like 10 minutes from my house. I love the SAs there. When I first moved here, I thought it seemed so picked over, but then as I got to know the SAs and found my favorite to keep an eye out for me, I am much happier. I thought I would never find another outlet like my previous home outlet in Camarillo, CA (loved the SAs), but I am actually happier here now. They are so friendly and know me by name there. They get a good selection of deletes, but sometimes come in later than other outlets are reporting. They get some unique items that I don't see at other outlets (or on the reports). I go during the week to avoid tourists and resellers. This outlet is the best about calling you if you are on client tracker for something. The only negative is that they don't have a jewelry counter, which I miss from my last home outlet.

    Prime Outlets at Burlington Burlington, WA I like this outlet when I am looking for bags because they don't put the "target stamp" on the creed and they leave the dustbags in them. I call them first for a bag before I go to my home outlet. I know the SAs there too because I go during the week here as well and take time to talk to them about products. They are usually good about calling when you are on client tracker for something whether it is just a fob or a bag. This outlet is closer to the Canadian border, but for some reason the tourists/visitors drive past it to SPO instead. They sometimes have accessories that SPO doesn't have so I like them for that

    Factory Stores at North Bend North Bend, WA Not only is this the farthest away outlet, but the least thrilling outlet. I went there once and while they actually did have a bag that the other two didn't have (Madison Shoulder Bag) and they did hold on to some deletes a little longer than other outlets, I don't like how the SAs are too busy for true customer service. Maybe it is because I am not in there often so they don't know me, but still... I also thought their lines were the longest and took the longest to move through. SPO has more customers, but their SAs are good at moving the line along. While you sometimes have to wait in line to get into SPO, once you get your stuff and want to check out, the line moves quick and North Bend doesn't. They have a jewelry counter so that is good, but they didn't seem to have a huge selection. If I lived closer, I would go to them (if they were closer than the above 2), but I won't be going back any time soon.

    Here is a report from when I lived in California (the main outlets I hit up regularly)

    Camarillo, California This was my previous home outlet because I lived about 15 minutes from them. They always got the good leather deletes in. The SAs were friendly and helpful. They were good about calling if you had client tracker stuff most of the time. They got deletes in good quantities of each item.

    Santa Barbara, California They have the best accessories- charms, wallets, scarves, etc to choose from. They have more signature stuff than anything. They are a lot less busy than Camarillo so they have stuff that Camarillo may not have at times, but the quantities are not there because they don't get as much traffic. SAs were friendly there. Client tracker was so so there.

    I visited a lot of other Southern California outlets, but wasn't impressed enough to visit them regularly. Been to Barstow, Ontario Mills (didn't like their selection at all), and some others. They didn't have nearly the selection as the Camarillo one so I stayed at home. Even when I had previously lived farther away from Camarillo, I still drove to their store because of the selection. I went during the week to avoid crowds and to get a better selection (at opening on days I went).
  7. I'm in Jersey so I've been to

    Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet Mall in Central Valley, NY ALOT!
    There's always a crowd but I never leave without something. They occasionally have sunglasses and current full-priced-store items.

    I have to say though that even though I've been to The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso Canutillo, TX once, it is my fav! There was NO LINE! and I bought a MADISON EMBOSSED EXOTIC MAGGIE! :yahoo:
  8. I've only been to 2 Outlets: (I'll be going to the Orlando outlets this July though! lol)

    Coach Centrailia- Centrailia, WA- The bigger of the 2 I've been to. The first few times I was there they didn't have any fpd but the last month or so they've gotten a lot in as well as a few highly sought bags. Large selection of MFF bags, no jewelry, no shoes. Some accessories (scarves, gloves, umbrellas, etc.) Large selection of wallets too.

    Coach North Bend, North Bend, WA- Smaller store but they do carry shoes and jewelry. Not as many fpd's as Centrailia.

    I've talked with friendly and helpful SA's at both stores. Haven't had a negative experience at either store.