Let's rate some hobos

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  1. Since we all know that, no matter what anyone else says, all BV hobos ARE different, how would we rate the TPO (time, place and occasion) for each? Please everyone share your opinions because I am struggling with this myself as I try to rearrange my wardrobe ensembles.

    Let's use the ones: old ball, new ball, pyramid, medium campana, large campana, medium veneta, large veneta, sloane, braided shoulder bag (did I miss any hobos?) Hobos only! No Romas or others!

    I will start:

    With black power pantsuit: old ball in nero
    For "feminine" girly ruffled skirts: medium campana in ebano or noce
    Tee and Jeans: large veneta, neutral colored sloane
    Black dress: I am drawing a blank?

    Your turns - I bet the fashionistas in here (ms piggy that would be you) can get real creative, and I'm hoping that all of us will learn some wonderful ideas from everyone!!
  2. WOW love this thread Bunkie!! :heart:
    although i only own one BV bag.. but i can imagine how wounderful different BV's would match : )

    White feminine flattering short skirt + black soft top = my corallo medium veneta! :love:

    Dark Jeans + white plain top = medium carmino veneta :nuts:

    Winter look: jeans + natural colored top + brown boots = campana in new grass green :rolleyes:

    Black dress = pyramid noce Or medium corallo veneta Or limo sloane ;)

    Off-white long shorts + black top = large ebano veneta :yes:

    jeans + white crisp shirt + black blazer = medium blonde veneta :smile:

    jeans short skirt + white mixed colored top = large nero veneta :okay:
  3. Black dress : Cocker in Poudre/Nero/Trifiglo; med Veneta in Limo/Carmino

    Dark coloured Power suit (skirt/pant) : Carmino flap shoulder bag
  4. Wow, these are all great ideas!!
    vanilla_addict, I love the carminio veneta idea with the white t/jean ensemble. And the *dark* jeans specification for the white t/carminio was quite on point, IMO!! ms piggy, the limo combo with the black is quite killer.

    Keep em coming guys!! :tup:
  5. Okay, I'm still in summer mode:

    Straw linen cropped pants + white linen embroidered shirt + sandals = Julie or Braided shoulder bag in Poudre :heart:
  6. dark brown wide wool trousers with vanilla cashmere sweater and high brown booties: new pyramid in noce or old ball bag in ebano
    Belstaff black biker boots with skinny jeans and grey long cashmere sweater: sloane in ferro
  7. love it
  8. Issa top, skinny jeans, Louboutin wedges, Carmino Veneta.