Let's pretend we are filthy stinking rich....

  1. In honor of Dressage Queen, let's have some fun.

    Let's pretend we are filthy stinking rich, what would you buy? (Of course, for those of you who are filthy stinking rich, just humor me :p)

    List as much as you want!!!!!! Hell, you can even post other brands you want too if you dare!:nuts:
  2. One of each bag that Hermes ever made in black box with gold hardware.:p
  3. LOL...I would get one bag in each style in each black leather (no epsom, though) in GH and PH...

    If I were "kind of" stinking rich I would purchase both a 28 cm black kelly and a 35 cm kelly (color undetermined) today...I would have to charter a jet to take me to the place(s) where the inventory was available...
  4. One of each bag that Hermes has ever made in the following combo:

    Rose Indienne Porosus Croc w/ GH
    Fuchsia Ostrich with GH
    Fuchsia Ostrich with PH
    Fuchsia Ostrich with RH
    Fuchsia Porosus Croc w/ GH
    Fuchsia Porosus Croc w/ PH
    Fuchsia Porosus Croc w/ RH
    Fuchsia Chevre w/ GH
    Fuchsia Chevre w/ PH
    Fuchsia Chevre w/ RH

    And then the same combo as above except with Rose Gold and Pink Diamonds. Oh, I want the hardware in the brushed version as well.

    After that, one of each H bag in every croc color ever offered

    And then after that, every bag Hermes has ever made in Cobalt Blue Ostrich

    And finally, a mansion built by Hermes with all the parts inside from Hermes, ranging from furnitures to linens to condom holders.

    I think that's it.
  5. -Braise Croc Bikin 30cm w/gold hardware
    -Fuschia Cheve Birkin 30cm w/ palladium hardware
    -I'd make myself an engagement ring because I never had one. Probably like the one I made for a client a couple weeks ago- 4-5 carat Radiant cut with a yellow diamond micro-set "halo" or with pink diamond melle.
  6. wooo-hooo -- NOW yer talkin!

    excuse me while i go off to fantasy-land to ponder this. . . .
  7. wow, this is fun. I think I would have to buy everything Hermes ever makes that catches my eyes. I know it won't be everything, but it'd be close :p
  8. Can I change my answer?

    I'd buy my own store and stock nothing but bags in black box with gold hardware.
  9. Ok, here goes my list:
    30cm Rouge Vif Croc Birkin - one for me, and one for Kellybag
    32cm Havane Pourous Croc Kelly with PH
    30cm Blue Jean Croc
    30cm Blue Jean Birkin in togo or clemence and PH
    32cm Natural Chamonix Kelly
    30cm Gold Togo Birkin or 32 kelly
    28cm Fuschia Ostrich Kelly with PH
    28cm Black Box Kelly sellier with GH
    32cm Black Box HAC (a la Shopmom's - love it)
    31cm Blue Jean Bolide in clemene (TDF)
    30cm Havane Swift Birkin with PH or GH
    H-hour watch with diamonds on a rouge vif croc band
    Ano cuff
    Full set of china from hermes (have not decided on a pattern yet- but will keep you posted of course)
    Azap wallet in vert anis or fuschia ostrich
    A gorgeous cashmere throw from H

    Hell, we don't have enough space on this server for me to start listing shoes. I'll take a few chanel bags and shoes too boot too. And a new Gucci clutch. Hmm, and could we add some Chanel sunglasses, a few jackets, and then I will go to Neimans to pick up a few dozen or so shoes, jeans, and whatnot.

    Now, I would like all of this delivered asap, and just place them neatly on my dining room table so I can start wearing everything straight away!
  10. I'd buy an island where I could sit on the beach and try to decide exactly what H bags I really, really want
  11. callmelulu, your answer is PERFECTION!!!

    I keep telling DH that someday i WILL have the "Black Croc Birkin with diamonds"!
    So i'd buy one of those, any croc Birkin in a pink color...

    Well, forget listing specifics, i'd buy anything that catches my fancy that i happen to stumble across!

    I'd buy several houses in different places like Marco Island, Florida, somewhere in CA, the Hamptons, huge fancy apt in NYC, etc etc etc.

    Also... Diamonds diamonds diamonds!!!
  12. Pardon me, I forgot some things.

    28cm chocolate box kelly with PH
    28cm rouge h box kelly with contrast white stitching and PH
    Another diamond tennis bracelet.
    Upgrade my engagement ring- thank you for reminding me Japster (mine is radiant too- so i just want it bigger)
    Bigger diamond studs.
    Private jet to take me everywhere I want to go
    Endless tapes of Sesame Street and Elmo to keep Ben happy
    A private pilates instructor and masseuse to follow me wherever I go

    All of this dreaming is just downright exhausting right now.
  13. Oh, my god. My head is now swimming! lol.

    Black (gh), cognac (gh), braise (gh and ph), blue jean (gh), vert anis, and etoupe (gh) porosus croc birkins in 35cm with matching bearn wallets to match.

    Black, fuschia, vert anis and braise porosus croc bearn wallets with diamonds.

    Fuschia (ph), blue jean (gh), vert anis (gh and ph), etoupe (gh) and cognac (ph) ostrich 35cm Birkins with bearn wallets to match (no diamonds).

    35 cm Kelly in black box (gh), chevre (ph and gh), noisette (gh), gold clemence (gh and ph), barenia with white stitching (gh), chamonix (ph), black porosus croc (gh and ph), blue jean ostrich, fuschia ostrich, vert anis chevre (ph), etoupe chevre (ph).

    Kelly jpg clutch in black croc (gh and ph), vert anis lizard (ph and gh), vermillion lizard (gh and ph), blue roi croc (gh and ph), and black box (gh and ph).

    Black lambskin tailored jacket in black,cognac, and gold.

    I'm feeling very greedy! Thank goodness this is just pretend. I better stop now.
  14. Hmm...
    I'd take a 28 Kelly and a 35 Birkin in glazed anthracite porosus and PH. A 31 Bolide in bleu roi ostrich. And a Cape Cod watch festooned with diamonds and emeralds with a croc band. Oh and there was a cool desk I saw at the mothership (Pippa?)
    Private jet travel.
    Can I have a Bentley Continental GT too?
  15. Forgot to add ... I want at least THREE of each item. That way, one I can use, the other is a backup and one is a backup for the backup.