Let's post our 2006 LV Christmas gift picture(s) here!

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  1. Not a big LV Christmas for me this year but here's my Christmas presents from my husband; Mini pleaty Raye and obsession square sunglasses in black.

    On a sad note, my new condition (never used) white multicolor mini HL suffered from color transfer due to the glue they used so my SA gave me full credit (current retail price even though I bought the bag many years ago). So I gained a purse and lost one too.

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  2. Love your Pleaty Raye & Obsession sunnies!

    Sorry about your HL! Good to hear they gave you a credit! :flowers:
  3. The Pleaty looks wonderful, congrats!
  4. GREAT new things!!

    WOW! Talk about fabulous LV Customer Service!!

    Congrats :smile:
  5. suweena congrats on your new bag & sunnies! I had the same problem with my old mini white mc mini HL and I went to the store and they exchanged it for a new one. Anyhow, have a Merry Christmas!
  6. Wow, the raye is really nice!:nuts: I haven't seen this one IRL but it looks stunning in your pic.
  7. Aww.. congrats, what a lovely gift !
  8. awww, how cute! Your hubby has nice taste! My mom bought me a mono pochette, but it wont get here until next week or so.
  9. oh i love the pleaty! looks great on you btw. Your hubby is sooo kind

  10. :nuts: Merry Christmas and congrats!!! Lookes great on you.:love:
  11. Wow, that looks great - congrats!!
  12. Love your pleaty and the sunnies! Sorry about your mini HL, but your new bag is fab! Merry Christmas!
  13. Love your Raye and sunnies suwenna! I am holding out for the Raye for V-day :biggrin:
  14. I love your pleaty!!! Merry Xmas!
  15. heres mine