let's plot a historical price chart for birkin

  1. Shall we list the past 5-10 yrs price of birkin, to help us understand if the return we get by investing in bags outpace the interest we earn if keeping the money in our saving account...
  2. great idea!!
  3. I already know this is going to horrify me...if I see $3,000 at any point, it's going to be like a stab to the heart, lol...especially after I dole out the $8,000 this year!!!!!! :p Totally worth it, of course :biggrin:
  4. I know. it might be a little depressing!
  5. My advice: always look forward, not backwards!
  6. If you are on a waiting list, the bigger question might be, what the price of the Birkin will be when your bag finally arrives....
  7. I know a kelly bag i ordered and waited almost four years for was $4800 at one point and is now close to $7000


    When the Birkin was below $3000, you most likely were not into purses...;) :smile: :heart:
  8. Seriously.. This is making me thinking of getting all the H bags i want this year and think of it as investment, if i don't.. ill end up getting these bags at 40% markup in the coming few years Ugh.. there goes my commitment to DH to take it slow with Hermes!!
  9. Pinkish, you could draw up a chart & explain to DH ;)
  10. That's right! Draw it up and show him that his little investment will only increase in value. Use a pointer and power point to draw up your presentation and he certainly couldn't fail to see your argument.
  11. I just saw the "Sex and the City" episode last week again where Miranda is trying to get a Birkin and in the episode that Birkin is supposed to cost 4000 $ ...and all I thought was "What a bargain. Why wasn't I in love with Hermès back than?"...lol. I think that Episode is from the year 2000 approximately.
  12. Feels like they've been at least 10-grand Aussie for AGES !! Onwards and upwards.
  13. 1987 Fjord Birkin 35 $2,675 USD....
  14. ^^^
    Okay but in the 80s I remember my parents buying me a large Gucci bag for about $200. And lets not forget how much real estate cost then - that's what really depresses me.
  15. A friend of mine ordered two Birkins in Paris in 1999 or 2000. The dollar was so strong then, her Birkins cost under $3000 each. And it only took a couple of months for them to ship to Tokyo.