1. I am struggling with what clutch or evening bag that would suit me nicely.

    my SA wants me to get a medor clutch which I love...but I am so picky on that stuff. Its the most awesome bag ever....but I like to be able to get into my stuff easily and I like to hold the things I need like credit cards, keys, cell phone, my inhaler for asthma, etc and sometimes even a small camera.

    so lets play WHICH EVENING BAG.

    I will post some pics of what I have on my computer....so I can get an idea of what you fine ladies and gents think would work best...

    rather is be a 28cm kelly, 20 cm kelly, kelly pouchette..25cm birkin, whatever...any Hermes bag you feel for the outfit!

    but no exotics please! I am not ready for that! haha!

    thanks ladies!
  2. Outfit 1

    This would be for a nice dinner or even an event.

    What evening bag do you see with this?
  3. outfit 2

    a little easier to wear...just to dinner, lunch, etc and I wear it with boots too.
  4. I have only worn this outfit 2 times.

    once as you see here to an event...and the next time to a bridal shower with different more bridal shower shoes.
  5. outfit 4.

    I just used my dogon that night because I had just bought it.

    but I wear this to dinner, etc sometimes lunches with all different shoes.
  6. outfit 5.

    I wear this to dinners, opera, symphonies, etc
  7. last outfit. outfit 6.
  8. ALL done for now.

    KEEP IN MIND I HAVE A KELLY 32cm.....chevre with PHW
  9. GG, a medor.... you are young, hip and beautiful, go for it!
  10. Great thread Guccigal. You look drop-dead gorgeous in every picture!
    I'm in the same boat ~ I want something that can hold a bit. Thus, at the moment I am leaning toward the kelly pouchette.
    But let the experts speak!
  11. I do love it but I think in the end it will frustrate me because of the size and getting in and out of it...and holding what I need.

    Why you suddendly block your face in the pics? Did anything bad happen?

    I don't know what the medor clutch looks like, so I'm going to vote for the KP in an exotic skin. It should be able to hold "credit cards, keys, cell phone, my inhaler for asthma, etc and sometimes even a small camera" these, except for the camera.
  13. Outfits 1, 2 and 5 - black box mini Kelly with gold h/w.

    Outfits 4 and 6 - rouge H box/chamonix Kelly longue.

    Outfit 3 - black evercalf Kelly pochette.

    You look gorgeous in every pic, GG!
  14. black mini kelly
  15. The medor clutch it a gorgeous bag. Maybe a little plume would be fun too?