Let's play the "or" game!

  1. Let's see how much you ladies love your handbags! ;)

    The or game is pretty simple, you post a response to the "or" question above you, and then post your own "or" question!

    I'll start...

    Be the most beautiful model in the world (but not be able to own any bags) OR get all the birkins, chloes, and louis vuittons you lust after?
  2. :shame: Most beautiful model

    Fit in to size zero jeans OR pay $0 (free) for a LV bag?
  3. all the birkins!

    Be healthy or have all the money in the world?
  4. most beautiful model cause then I could afford all of the Birkins, Chloes, and LV's I want. I know thats cheating, but Hey!
  5. Don't forget to add your own "or" question!
  6. oops. O.K here is the real answer,
    A wonderful happy marriage or your most ultimate dream home?
  7. Have all the money in the world :smile:

    A wonderful happy marriage, of course.


    Handsome boyfriend/husband with a less paying job or unatractive boyfriend/husband with at least a 6-figure salary?
  8. LOL Money means more to me than looks do. If they have the same awesome personality, I'll take the salary over the looks.

    You're exiled to an faraway desserted island: bring your best girlfriend or your best guyfriend/boyfriend/husband?
  9. Boyfriend!

    Work at a job you hate but make a lot of money OR work at a job you love to death, but doesn't make much money?
  10. Job I hate....the money would make it easier to deal with.

    Would you rather slide down a razorblade naked into a bowl of alcohol or Eat 100 live cockroaches?

  11. my boyfriend/husband

    what would you rather choose, a flashing career or a gratifying personal life?
  12. :cry: at the first, :sick: at the second...

    I'd have to eat 100 live cockroaches... cockroaches aren't that bad if you're starving... I don't want 5 big ol' scar lines down my body...
  13. Dont forget your question

  14. what would you rather choose, a flashing career or a gratifying personal life?[/quote]

    I'd choose a gratifying personal life.

    stuck in a hurriance or struck by lightening?
  15. Stuck in a hurricane. Struck by lightening sounds pretty dire -- at least there might be a hope of surviving a hurricane, no worry over getting crisped...

    Live a short amount of years and be famous OR live a long life, but in obscurity?