Lets play!...Name my kitty!

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  1. I have 2 cats (Juniper, 3 and Joey, 1)
    So I went to my local SPCA this past weekend and decided to finally adopt a 3rd. He is absolutely aborable and wildddd - he totally stole my heart :biggrin: I've spent all weekend trying to find a suitable name; even discussed it with girls at work today, and I just can't decide on the perfect name for him...

    So, suggestions please!! What does this little guy look like his name should be? He is a lynx point siamese (siamese/tabby mix) and is about 3 months old.

  2. He's beautiful!!!

    I had a friend a looooooong time ago when I was in school who had a kitty that looked like this. His name was Skate. That sounds like it may fit your new baby.
  3. He looks like my Isis! I love his giant paws, he is so adorable.

    Haven't a clue as to a name though!
  4. Thanks ladies :smile:
    So far I've had a few ideas for him:
    still undecided/not set on any though
  5. I had a chocolate point named Milo. He was such a sweet little boy. Your new kitty is adorable! Congrats!
  6. awwwwwww he's too cute for words!!!!
    heres my suggestions:
    casanova (cause all the ladies want him!) hehehe
  7. He's so handsome!

    Another vote for Leo....I also like the names: Frankie, Vinny, Richie and Mikey.:P
  8. #8 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    AWWW>.. besides WILD, what is his personality... ?? It always takes me a bit to name my animals as I want to watch their personality.

    And with Juniper and Joey... staying w/ the theme....what about Joker or Jester (Jessie) ..... for the WILD boy??

    Will say this... my WILD CHILD CAT was BANDIT. And he was... he was an ornery little THIEF... into everything and always this side of prison, but ruler of the feline neighborhood. He used to steal food off the neighbors BBQ grills... and bring it home warm. A manx... he was a terror.
  9. Ooh I like these suggestions so far!! Well about his personality, he is very affectionate and always purrs and rubs against me. He hops around when he is wild and wants to play and jumps and spins all over the place like the Tasmanian devil. He also makes noises all the time, very chatty! His tail wavers like a snake, which is pretty funny...oh and he eats like a pig haha
  10. OK.. so name him TAZ.
  11. I did think of taz but I'm wondering if he won't be able to respond to it when I call him?
  12. I think animals are hilarious with serious names.

    I named my chihuahua Hugo.

    Hmmm...your cat is very beautiful btw

    Name him after one of your favorite designers or one of your fav actors!
  13. Sure he will.. we had a TAZ.. at least at much as a cat WANTS to respond.. plz remember we are talkiing CAT.. and for some of them, no matter what the name, the look is Go-to-hell-I-will-come-IF-I want....:biggrin:
  14. I am lovin his large ears I would maybe go with Gable (for clark gable) also a ladies man.
  15. How about Dizzy?

    The "younger" Taz on Tiny Toons Adventures was called Dizzy Devil.