Lets play "Identify This Bag"!!

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  1. So I just bought this lovely for... *drumroll* About $44 shipped?

    Now I'm curious what the style is called and maybe even when it came out? Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Wow! CONGRATS!! I've never seen this one but it's a lovely shade of blue!!! I bet it will be even more beautiful as it gets beat up and broken in! Nothing beats a broken in soft smoosy bag! My absolute fav! :tup:
  3. ^ Thank you Sep! I'm liking the beat-up look too. This is definitely a bag to wear with jeans, a throwaround bag. And I probably won't have to worry about color transfer! Yay!
  4. I found it!

    With a little searching, I found the name of your bag. It is called the Beverly Satchel, was released in Fall 2006, and was available in blue, mustard, and mahogany (and maybe more colors, but these are all I found).

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  5. #5 Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
    You are so awesome Cooper, thank you!!!
    (it looks like it's in pretty good condition for being 2 years old! I'll post some more pics when I get it)
  6. :cutesy:
  7. Hmmm can anyone give this a shot ? (Saddlebag?) The leather is very good and the color is sweet but what's her name? Wonder if the wayback machine will work for LP ? Or were all the webpages wiped out when they upgraded ? Calling IT girls !

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  8. lost of good old stuff there!
  9. First up, a cute little Dylan shoulder bag in Angel. Does it have a name other than Cute Lil' Dylan? Dimensions are about 6 x 9.

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  10. Next, a large Pumpkin Dylan, measuring 15 x 10 x 6. Handle drop of 11". I haven't seen the end straps on any other Dylans.

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  11. Dug a little more....I guess the Angel is a Mini Messenger and the Pumpkin is a
    "Double Pocket Double Handle ~ 15 X 10 X 6." Except that it only has one pocket. :huh:
  12. Your sweet angel is a Dylan cross-body clutch.

    A lot of Dylans came in single and double pocket versions, flat zip pockets and outer pouch type pockets, or pocket on pocket. A.C keeps changing it up.
  13. Stormy, any chance your gorgeous blue bag is part of the Surplus Chic line? Looks a bit like my crossbody.
  14. Whoa that bag is adorable! When did you get that?
  15. Does anyone know what this bag is? I didn't win the ebay auction, and now I want to search for it!