Let's play - find the fakes

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  1. On the 'Authenticate this' thread a few of us newbies have been trying to figure out how to spot the fake vernis.

    So I was putting together some pics for myself to be able to compare the reals and the fakes.

    Then I thought maybe other would like to play :smile:

    So - find the fakes in the following pictures.

    In each group the #2 is REAL (picture from elux)
    These are all from the Vernis Cles

    Some are fakes, some are real.
    only refer to the SHAPES when deciding - not the colours or textures (I had to adjust these on my computer to make the shape show up better so it made them look better or worse depending).

    OK so post your answers - - - - GO!
    fleurs.jpg lvs.jpg
  2. Can´t really tell since when I see the bigger pics it just looks like pixelmoosh:s
  3. Really? It's clear on my computer - hmmm I'll see if I can fix for others
  4. Lol I get "pixelmush" too hehe.
  5. hehe its really grainy but #6 of the initials is totally a fake if its orange!
    this is a fun idea though.
  6. I see pixelmoosh too! :confused1:
  7. trying this again - test
  8. Aaargh - Never Mind =)
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