Let's play favorites....

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  1. What's your favorite bag & why? I mean, specifics ... (how much it holds, pockets, hardware, stitching)

    Right now, I only own 1 Coach (my bronze siggy swingpack) but I also have 2 mini skinnys (gold lurex? & black signature) & a camel studded wristlet.
    sooo...my fave is my swingpack! :p i LOVE it because its very practical - i have a toddler who's constantly on the run. plus the glittery stripe:drool: is sooo pretty! i would say it almost puts me in a trance :yes:

    I'm anxious to hear everyone else brag about their goodies!:supacool:
  2. As of today, my very favorite bag off all time is the black leather Legacy Shoulder Zip. It was my first Legacy bag and I liked it so much that I bought a "spare" in case I wear my first one out. :shame: I love the Legacy leather and stripe lining (of course) but I love the size the most. I am petite and so big bags can be very overwhelming. I can carry everything I need in it and have room to spare.

    So far, it's the most perfect bag I've found. Keep in mind, though, that my black leather Legacy Bridgit is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday so I may have a different response in a couple days. ;)
  3. i've never seen that one... was it from last year (2006) or something? i've barely gotten into coach in the last 6 months or so
  4. ^Yes, it is a '06 Legacy bag - the style no. is 10326. :tender:
  5. I love this bag too! I have one in black, whiskey, and natural. The size is perfect for my essentials. If I want a larger bag, I'll go for my Legacy leather shoulder bag or my Carly. I like the shoulder bag because it has so many pockets. I need a bag that zips close and these all have zippered tops. My medium Carly is great for when I want to carry more stuff. I also like the number of pockets on the inside of the Legacy and Carly bags. This is another thing my bags need to have.
  6. I think my two favorite bags that I own right now are my choc sig Leigh and my new red enbossed Hamptons Carryall. The Leigh is the perfect size, holds everything I need and then some, I love the design w/the two front pockets and the strap/chain combo. Plus its that Legacy choc sig, which is more brown sig on a black background than the usual brown sig/brown background, and it just looks almost three dimensional. Its probably my perfect bag. I also love my new bag - that contrast between the brightish red embossed leather w/the deeper red elements of the bag is just stunning. Its really a classic bag in a great color combo. Fits everything and is comfortable to carry too.
    Here they are:
    leigh smallest.JPG red bag.jpg
  7. i like how you dressed up your embossed carryall... it looks really good

  8. I don't really have one favorite bag at the moment, but had to chime in that I have this in both black & whiskey leather, and it's such a great little bag. I got it in black sig for my mom for Christmas and she loves it too :tup:
  9. For sure my ali (s). Nice shoulder bag and they smell sooooo good!
  10. I say Ali is my favorite bag as well! She is VERY comfortable on the shoulder regardless of what you are wearing b/c her drop is PERFECT and can be made longer or shorter, she smells GREAT, she has that gorgeous legacy lining, and my things stay very organized inside b/c she has alot of pockets! I just LOVE my Ali's....HOWEVER, I cannot choose which is my favorite amongst my triplets...I love them all EXACTLY the same!!!! :yes::yes::yes:
  11. As of this minute I only have one coach Handbag in my possession. Its the scribble tote. I'm in such a hurry for summer to arrive, i'm going to use this bag all summer. I love the size, the 2 open(inside) pockets, that its light to carry and soft.
    Its going to hold my stuff and s/o as well its going to be perfect.
  12. My new Black Leather Leigh Legacy Bag is my new fave. I love the turnlock pockets on the front and chain shoulder strap (pics in another thread). But my favorite part is the legacy lining..it is TDF. I love it so much I ordered it in Gardenia thankfully during PCE because I got it for $490 and it usually retails for $658. LOVE HER!
  13. ^^ GREAT JOB!!!^^ I never looked at that bag til you posted pics....She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
  14. I am so biased because my newest bag is ALWAYS my favorite! So that would be my Large Bleecker Flap right now. I love the hardware and the details on the strap, the drop is a perfect length for me, the flap makes it easy for me to get into but my things aren't in danger of falling out. All in all, I really like this bag!

    But the Legacy Slim Flap would be a close second.
  15. My favorite bag is my large black patent ergo hobo - it's large and in charge but being ergo, is very light and doesn't fall off my shoulder. I have an affinity for shiny things :weird: and black patent will look classy forever, especially in a slouchy shape like a hobo. It holds everything I need without looking like it's shoved full, and I can also handily take it off my arm and wallop someone with it if I need to!:tup: