Let's Play Closest Without Going Over...

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  1. So I am very shortly going to have $305 worth of store credit, since my inclusion bracelet got sent in the wrong size (wanted the smallest size, got the next one up -- v. sad because I wanted one so badly, but there aren't any other inclusion colors that are grabbing me just now...). So, can I please get some suggestions as to what to do with this amount of $? I really have no idea, but since I pretty much have to take the store credit/exchange, I may as well do it. :smile:
  2. a damier zcp would be cute. thats super close, and just a tad over after taxes
  3. What about one of the Key and Change holders $300 in the new Vernis colors, or a small cles $200, or one of the Damier Trunks and bags key holders $265!
  4. Ooh, I do like the Vernis Key holders -- would those also fit like 3 credit cards, cause if so they're perfect?
  5. I think u should put it towards buying a new bag
  6. I vote for a Zippy Coin. I got one the other day in MC and love it. It was $395 but I think the regular ones are around $300. They hold a TON of stuff and are just so convienent.
  7. The vernis cles would def. hold 3 credit cards.. ;)
  8. I would get a roses mono scarf - $295.
  9. I vote for a zippy coin!sooo handy and to tell you the truth sometimes when i just need two keys, i put them in there too hehe
  10. I say: cles or scarf.. Or you can put them to fund a new bag!
  11. Cles or zippy coin! ..or save it for another bag!
  12. with that $$ i'd go for a fashion ring. i've been eyeing a couple and they are around $250ish. GOOD LUCK :smile:
  13. I would get a vernis heart coin purse.

    oy I just read the "without going over" part.. sigh

    a cles? a zippy wallet?
  14. How about a bag charm? There are some pretty ones for about $355.