2. lol:roflmfao: tom and katie on a street curb asking for money.
  3. tom trying desperately to remember if he left the "e-meter" on back home.
  4. Tom and Kate finally realizing that Xenu does not exist!

  5. Good one!!:nuts:
  6. Katie: (thinking) Stare straight ahead, don't show too much emotion. Tom doesn't like it when I show too much emotion in public . . .
    Tom: (thinking) Do I look like a Brooding Serious Actor when my face is like this?
  7. Katie: Just a few more years... Just a few more years...
    Tom: Did I include the clause of "no inter-galaxy traveling" in the marriage contract? I hate flying dematerialized!
  8. Katie: I feel sleeeeepy!
    Tom: I can't believe she did it! She took the xanax anyway!!!
  9. Suri: Ohhh boy, this is what I have to look forward to!?! WHY ME!?!
  10. Katie: MMMMM... cheesburger!
    Suri: La la la... I love being a baby.
    Tom: I can't wait to get back home to jump on the couch.
    Man's head: Awww... what a cute baby!
  11. LOL!

    TOM: Did we really just do that?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ^^Lol I didn't realize the typing was so small. Sorry.
  14. ^^ so funny animalcrackers
    Tom... "Man, I really wish I could remember what the real Katie was like, her zombie clone is so borning."
    Katie..."I can't remember if I bought the black peep toe Louboutins or if I bought the whole shoe department?? Tough day of shopping for sure."
    Suri... " I think I need a diaper change:graucho: ."
  15. Oh, my God! These are all hilarious!!!