Lets play a game!

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  1. Anyone else is bored??:P

    Lets play a game called

    'You tell your lifestyle and your fellow tpfer suggest the best Chanel bag for you!'

    Anyone up for this?:woohoo:
  2. Ok, I'll start :

    Mother of 2 below 12 boys, work freelance from home and run around doing chores mostly related to the boys. Normally carry a purse, a small make up bag, cellphone and keys. Occasionally out with girlfriends for brunch or coffee. Hardly attend formal functions except weddings once in a while. Please suggest a perfect bag for my lifestyle!
  3. ^ I think a jumbo is good for you! M/L is just too small for your needs.
  4. how bout portobello??:biggrin:
  5. Fun thread!
  6. Wow, never thought of portobello before.. hmmm, thanks! C'mon, who's next?

    p.s. new Chanel fans, c'mon, let your Chanel 'hardcores' help you choose your perfect bag!
  7. I would say PST or 227 if u like flap only. If u take seasonal items too, I think frozen fabric tote is a great casual bag.
  8. ^^^^ I agree, a Porto or a PST since you don't carry much.
    but.....I love GST's (they are my workhorse bags with 4 teenagers and 2 dogs) and they are great bags even if you do not carry around alot of stuff!
  9. me 2. I think jumbo is perfect :biggrin:
  10. ^^^Yup, and a Maxi is too big.
    But you would def need Caviar since you have little ones!;)
  11. Mother of 2 under 7, 2 dogs, go to gym every morning and run around w/kids most evening events are school functions or dinner with hubby...
  12. :tup: Portobello!! I got one recently and I can't believe I lived with out one for so long!! It is a BEYOND amazing bag... I pull the chains, so its one strap and not two, and it sits perfectly!!!! Carries sooo much but doesn't feel like you're carrying a huge bag!
  13. Mother of 3 under 7. Wears uniform to work. Carry a folded umbrella, a long wallet, a coin pouch & keys.
  14. modern chain ew a sure winner :smile:
  15. I'd say a GST or Medallion! Oh, and you also need something small for evening.. I'd say a WOC!