Let's play a game...

  1. Okay let's say your boyfriend decided he wanted to spoil you. He was willing to spend a little over two thousand dollars at the Chanel store, on pretty much anything you wanted.
    However, you had a 50% discount on all handbags.
    Which two bags would you buy?

    I was thinking maybe a tote, and the east west bag, or the cotton club pochette.
    But then I got to thinking about the medium classic bags.
    And how maybe I shouldn't be greedy, but it's very tempting.

    Anyone want to give me great ideas?!
  2. I'm not really following the discount part. Are you saying that you are entitled to 50% off all handbags at this Chanel store?

    If I had a 50% discount I'd be all over the pricier items, not the tiny pouchettes and medium classics.
  3. How much is a little over? Half off an ostrich classic is like 3500 or so :p Thats my pick!
  4. Are you saying that you have a 50% off on Chanel items?!?!?!
  5. Hmm... well I'd say it depends on which bags you might already have. If you like the classic flaps, then the jumbo (or medium/large), with 50% off, is an option... you could get two, or get a GST if you're looking for a classic tote. I probably wouldn't get smaller items if it were me, like the cotton club pochette, etc., but it's really up to you. :smile: How does one get 50% off of all Chanel handbags (that's my dream haha)!? :p

  6. yeah i want to know that tooo!!! hehe :smile:
  7. Friend of a friend of a friend works at Chanel!

    I think I can only get one bag though.
    I'm going to get the PST for now, and try to get a discount on a medium classic.
    How does that sound?!
  8. OMG!! That sounds awesome!!! Can I be also a friend of your friend? LOL... I guess if you're planning on getting a PST and a Medium Classic Flap, then choose something EXPENSIVE for your 50% off. Then, the little discount will go on your 2nd handbag. I'm SERIOUS!!! Can I avail your friend of friend's 50% discount too?! Hehe!
  9. I agree with the other ladies and go for as much bang for the buck. Since you have a connection, you may also have access to some of the harder to get bags. Goodluck and have fun!