Let's play a game ladies :]

  1. I can see a (very dangerous) pattern here. At the end of December I BIN'd a Pomegranate Venetia and got her early January - which I know you guys saw already.

    So now, it's late January, and I just ordered another bag! :nuts: Which I should get early Feb. According to the tracking I should get it by Friday. :yahoo:

    Can you ladies indulge me with a little guessing game? :p

    Hints: Can be put over the shoulder and has outside pockets

  2. hmm.....is it a, Blake?!
  3. That's what I was going to say! Blake?
  4. nope. good guess though.

    another hint: it's blue
  5. Multipocket?

    ETA: Selma?
  6. My guess would be MP. :p
  7. nope not MP nor Selma. :p

    another hint: pebbled leather
  8. I pressed QUOTE without reading anyone's replies. So whatever I say counts, I say!

    BLAKE!! (What colour, quilted??)
  9. Ok my 2nd would have been MP. I don't know what is pebbled!!
  10. Was it... a stella? Sophia?... another venetia?...(I guess that doesn't really go over your shoulder, does it?) ;) Ok, I guess I am just throwing out things here...

    Love blues - wanna see the color as soon as we figure this out! :nuts:
  11. Venetia like mine???? :smile:
  12. quilted MP??

    Tell us, tell us, tell us!!! (she chants) :jammin:
  13. :wondering

    how come no ones guessing from the marc by marc jacobs line?

  14. sharpei??
  15. softy max :rolleyes: