lets play a game, how many fakes can you name?

  1. this was taken at roosevelt field mall in long island.
  2. Oh barf !

    This just is disappointing, especially the baulotto bottega bastard lovechild spy !
  3. Yee gads, be careful with that picture! I can hear my bags whimpering!!!

  4. love your comment ayla! "bastard lovechild spy"
  5. :lol:
  6. :wacko: That's CRAZY.
    The sad part is that they probably sell a bunch of them.
  7. Picking out the fakes...

    Fake Chloe Paddingtons, Chloe Silverados, Fendi Spies, Balenciaga City bags...or Purses...or Firsts...can't tell, but I definitely don't see shoulder straps.

    This is fun!:shame: :lol:
  8. all thats missing is Waldo!
  9. :lol:

  10. { shrieks } { averts eyes } { runs away } :hrmm:

    I saw a similar, smaller display at the day spa / salon where I get my hair done. Awful.
  11. How is that legal??? Eeps!!!
  12. my favorite mall has one of those displays. last time i was there i saw an LV cherry spy bastard love child. it hurt my head. :smile:
  13. lol i saw that at roosevelt last weekend too.....:sick:
  14. :yucky: ugh eewwww!!

    why do people do that to themselves?! fakes are horrible!

    i see the fendi spy and of course the balenciagas, and the paddington! :wtf:

    I see one of these things at the Newark PATH Station in Jersey...my bf bothers me when we pass by and says "want a bag?" eekkk lol

    Hey we live in NY these horrible things are almost on every corner floor on a blanket lol

    I see so many girls on the train with the fake balenciagas...just don't get it :shrugs:
  15. i also see the silverado!!!
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