Lets photograph our shoes!

  1. All the other subforums have photos of bags - lets start with shoes! I am working on mine now!
  2. Great idea. I was thinking of posting photos of the shoes I've bought recently anyways.
  3. Isnt there already a shoe collection thread some where in here?
  4. Ah, here it is! (Post your Shoe Collection Pics!)

    Well, I dont have much of a collection, but I'll join in!
  5. It directed me back to the shoe forum - no pictures:sad:
  6. ^shoegal, me too. but i do remember there being a shoe collection thread somewhere.
    if it's lost in internetland, we can start another one. i'll join too, even though my collection isn't huge.
  7. Where is our SHOE CASE???
    I got pics??
  8. ^ Sorry about the bad link ladies!
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