Let's persuade LV to make a Wapity in WATERCOLOR!

  1. I love the new watercolor line, and I am thinking about waitlisting for the Speedy VVN, but how awesome would it be to have some cute accessories in the watercolor? I would buy them. Anyone else? :drool:
  2. I would most certainly buy that!
  3. I'd buy it for sure...no second thoughts!
  4. i think the Mono Aquarelle VVNs are the seasonal pieces for S/S'08 (like the Dentelle Speedy and Batignolles of last year). if so, most likely they'll release SLGs to match too. a Wapity is doubtful, but definitely a wallet and a belt if ever.
  5. When might this *alleged* ;) release take place? I would definitely save my pennies for a wallet in watercolor (or whatever accessories might be available)!
  6. the watercolor is seasonal and doubt that they'll make a wapity...but that's an awesome idea!! i would totally buy one!
  7. thats would be an awesome peice!
  8. Wow, I think a Watercolor Wapity would look amazing! :drool:
  9. Interesting thought....but to get the full effect of the aquarelle, it would have to be re-sized like they did for the MC wapity....and IMO, it would look better where you could see the entire watercolour pattern....
  10. ^^^ That's very true ... I'd love it in a Zippy or Pochette Accessories to match the Speedy I'm waiting for!
  11. i'd love a pochette wallet or cles in watercolor! but i am surprised no SLGs were announced for it yet.
  12. How about a watercolor Keepall !!!!!!!!!
  13. ohhhh a keepall would be fab!
  14. Wow that would be adorable!
  15. That would be awesome. I would definately buy........