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  1. Please list your SA name, # and store info. This will make it easier to locate have-to-haves!! Thanks everyone.
  2. My husband would kill me if he knew how much $$$$$$ I have spent on Chanel bags!!!! I owe it all to my fav SA Joseph at Saks!!! I cant always get him at the store so I call his cell. It is 917-776-9353. He's awesome and if its out there...he'll get it ...You should se my collection...mmmmm:heart: ==================-
  3. Brandi, Chanel Specialist @ Saks, San Antonio, Cell: 210-630-0309, Store 210-341-4111. Brandi and May are both very helpful, always give me their honest opinion even when the bag i love to buy don't work w/me, especially Brandi, she is a doll!
  4. Needthatbag- I totally agree with you. Joseph is terrific and my DH is going to be sorry that I met him!!