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  1. Ok, we gotta make up for the hours of time-out today by posting lots of happy Hermes posts!! I would start except I'm a bit braindead right now.:P
  2. Woohoo!!!!!! It's back!!!! I missed you guys! :love:
  3. Lol!!! That's the spirit!:yahoo: Ok, here's something to start off.. H-related and everything.:P What's the official name of this scarf?? I bought this on the weekend but I didn't catch the name off my SA.. He just pulled it out and I said, yup, I like that, I'll take it, lol! I'm thinking it's just called "24 Faubourg", right? Here's the link to the scarf from the website:

  4. At one point I was ready to type up responses to various posts on notepads.:lol:
  5. Beautiful scarf, Sue!!!! which color-way did you get????
  6. That is correct.
  7. She's a beauty Sue! It will look stunning with your Potiron!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Thanks guys! Ok, here's a pic! I got it in the orange colourway. I'm just a sucker for orange scarves! I got a pouchette too, also in orange - the Shadow Games one (Jeux D'ombres?).

    Here's a pic of the 24 Faubourg scarf tied to Birky.
  10. FABULOUS, SUE!!!!! Just gorgeous.....looks delicious....like Sherbert!!!!
  11. ^^heheh! Thanks, D! At first I thought maybe orange on orange would be a bit much but when I tied it around my bag, it didn't look funny at all. I really like the squiggly lines pattern on the scarf. It's not too busy and very easy to wear.
  12. Sue ~ It Is Gorgeous!!!!!! :smile: What A Magnificent Combination With Your Birkin!!!
  13. Sue, that scarf looks beautiful on your bag.

    Shopmom, I like your new avatar. What scarf do you have tied to the princess??

  14. Love the look Serenity Sue!!! LOVE IT.:love: :heart: :flowers:
  15. Sue, that looks fabulous! I love that orange!!
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