Let's make rules for our 'Authenticate This' thread

  1. I'm not big on rules and regulations, but wouldn't it be helpful if we made a short name for the item we're questioning? Referring to previous items by their urls is cumbersome and confusing. For one thing, urls tend to look alike - and for another, they're long.

    My suggestion is this: let's introduce the bag in question by a short description, along with the seller's name, followed by a url. Something like this,
    And then when someone responds, they can just refer to it as "sganpa's BJ Birkin 35".

    We're going to be living with this thread for a long time, so anything we can do to make it more readable and useful will help. What do you think? Other ideas?
  2. I think you are correct on this one. Many times I don't get involved when I see the urls because it is too much work and then trying to keep info. in my mind is too much. I am on this forum for enjoyment, so anything to make things easier I am for. Great suggestion!!!
  3. good suggestion!!! although i am not very good at identifying the fakes...
  4. Great idea...;)
  5. I agree!
  6. Perfect!
  7. Can't you just quote the person's original post?
  8. That would work too. I just think that bags benefit from a short description in addition to urls.

    We click on so many things that it's hard to keep track of whether it was a rouge bag or a gold one that a certain member was interested in on the previous page, and having that little bit of text seems like a good memory jog. And by mentioning the seller's name, it can help distiguish between two similar black Birkins or whatever. Also, it might help us remember the sellers with genuine goods and those with fakes.
  9. Bear w/ me. . . I'm, just trying to understand. . .

    if someone posts a please authenticate this thread/post and they give a URL, that's not enough? We needs rules about what they need to post w/ it?

    If someone just opens the URL and then clicks the 'QUOTE' icon, why would there be any confusion or need for structured info?

    Most members, I assume aren't attempting to help authenticate more than one bag at atime. . . I told you to bear w/ me! I really don't understand the need to require structured info/questions on Authenticate This! posts. {?}
  10. but wouldn't there be no need to spell it all out in the post if a URL is there? A URL to an eBay auction provides all the info you'd need. . . .
  11. Perhaps making it as a rule is a bit too much for some ppl. I think if some wants to put extra info beneath the url, then that's good and it's entirely up to the poster to do this.
  12. I found the urls a bit cumbersome, but let's see. I'll post several for different Birkin 35s, which is the most commonly asked about bag.


    Once the url is compressed by vBulletin software, I just have a hard time of keeping track of which is which without opening up the link to check which is the black, which is the vermillion, etc.

    What would really be great is if we included a thumbnail of the bag, but the attachment mechanism for uploading photos from the web (as opposed to one's harddrive) seems to have vanished in recent weeks.

    Anyway, if you don't feel like doing it, don't. Nobody's interested in punishing other members for not following rules or whatever. It just seems like writing a few extra words, and repeating them later, might make it easier for other people to give people the answers they're looking for and make the thread more readable.
  13. maybe, I guess I still just don't see a real issue. Most people don't put so many links in their post.
    I don't see a need personally for a hardfast 'rule'. If people want help, they should put in as much info as possible. But making it a rule? I don't think it's necessary.
  14. Well like I said, I'm not big on rules or regulations. It's not as if people put so many links into a single post, it's just that most of the links look so similar to each other.

    So if you're interested in tracking a given handbag, it's hard to tell what it is by looking at the url alone. And even on broadband, it can take 20 seconds or more to open a link - only to find it wasn't the bag you were interested in.

    Anyway, if you don't understand it, that's fine. It seemed like a useful idea to me and others. People who want to do it will. People who don't want to participate, won't. Fair enough?
  15. yeah, I think the problem is I don't really 'get it' :sigh

    Absolutely, some can do it and others not! ;)
    If people want help, they should offer as much info as possible.