Let's Make a Match

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  1. So...now that I have my fuschia neo speedy, I've been debating what would look good with it...a framboise cles or perhaps something mono perfo w/fuschia. Opinions? And if I went perfo, where's the best place to look? ebay? LT? Thanks! :heart:
  2. I think a framboise vernis cles would look hot with the fuschia neo speedy.
  3. I think the mono perfo cles w/fuschia would go perfect with the fuschia neo speedy.
  4. I like contrasts, so I'm thinking a damier azur cles.
  5. Oooh... the Fuchsia Perfo Cles would look GREAT with your Neo Speedy!
  6. another vote for the mono perfo fuschia here! the brown mono with a touch of the fuschia will match your neo perfectly!! how exciting!
  7. i would say go with the perfo...the fuschia will give it a little splash to tie the two together~!
  8. get the perfo
  9. I have a fuschia mini pleaty and got a Framboise Koala to go with. Not quite a match but very close. Perfo will be harder to find, so get the cles now and then grab the perfo when you are able to find it.
  10. my vote does to the fushia perfo
  11. Are you looking for something for the inside or to hang on the outside of your neo? I have some juicy charms as well as the Framboise Inclusion Speedy hanging off my Neo (see my avatar). I haven't tried hancing a cles, I thought that it would be too long. Would love to see what you come up with!
  12. I was looking for something to hang on the outside. I'll have to look at some juicy charms too. I know they have some cute ones.
  13. I will try and take a pic tomorrow in the sunlight with a cles on my Neo as well as the different juicy charms. I also have an MC heart that I hang off of my Denim Baggy. Haven't tried in on my Neo either.
  14. Oo! The Mono Fuschia Perfo Cles would look good with it!
  15. mono fuschia perfo cles!!!