Let's List New FALL 2007 Sighting here

  1. 345.00 for a Clutch!!!!

  2. Well so far it looks like I will be saving money this autumn, as Im not feeling any of the new Kooba range yet. The metallics are bleugh.
    The katy has a 'gustto-baca-type-thing' going on. Its ok but nothing special for the price. I do like the eggplant colour though. :yes:
  3. I feel the same Halzer, I don't like the look and don't like the prices. Thank God for that.

    The Katy is okay, but that's about it. Maybe it's nicer in real life.
  4. The Katy isn't bad and it does have a Gustto-ish look. I think If I end up getting a Fall bag I'd like to get one in eggplant. I do like that color.
  5. Thanks for posting Lexie. I like the Katy and really like that eggplant color. But the others don't do anything for me and certainly not at those prices!
  6. Bummer. It looks like I'll be spending more of my time at Off Fifth for the classics.
  7. The Katy in eggplant is pretty-but as you all have stated--nothing worth gasping over. Thanks for thinking about us, Lexie. Hail to the Queen!
  8. I agree. Nothing that rocks my boat, although I do like the eggplant color. You're right, Lexie, the prices are scary.
  9. I keep coming back to check if Nordstroms is putting up any more new ones but not yet. I did notice that JCMadsion only has like 8 Koobas on their website all marked down so it should be soon.