let's just say....

  1. for the sake of argument that you had a choice on a casual bag. leather is the same- clemence. the colors are raisin or graphite. hardware is the same- ph.

    which would you choose? i know raisin is more popular on here now but as a casual everyday bag which would you prefer?

    and what if i said the raisin was under retail and the graphite was at retail. would that change your opinion?

    is there another color you would think was more suited to a casual bag than either of these colors?
  2. If it were raisin and UNDER retail- I would kick your butt if you did not get it! LOL! Seriously, I love raisin, and I think it is much more neutral and versatile than you would think. That being said, which between those two colors do YOU love most??? Which will work the most in your wardrobe? regardless of price, think of which will make the best investment for you because at these prices, you should get the one you will enjoy and get the most use out of!
  3. again for me, this thing with choosing a color for someone - it really is what works for YOU! I would take raisin over graphite in a heartbeat, but that's because I love H colors over neutrals - and think of graphite is a neutral - or an alternative to black...but that's JMO! Of course if you told us which bag????
  4. Dear Ms. H:

    BOTH color are BEAUTY, but putting $ on the side issue, if it's casual bag and which means you will use a LOT out of it, then probably Raisin which is less worry color for stain and usage....

    I do LOVE both color though....

    Let us know how it turns out?!
  5. interesting. 3 votes for raisin. i was leaning towards the graphite myself. i love both colors of course but i thought that grey would go with more and look especially smart in the winter with my black coat....
  6. Raisin really is a perfect bag for black outfits. It is a great "pop" of color without overpowering your outfit.
    I also wear mine with greens (vert anis tones), brown, red, gray, tan/khaki, tweeds.

    All this being said, listen to your heart and get what sings to you and you will not be disappointed! :heart: hNe
  7. Graphite for me.

    But I think for you, it should be raisin because you love color!!!!
  8. I'd go with the raisin.:tup:
  9. Love them both, but I keep looking at graphite. Maybe it would depend on which bag...
  10. How much under retail....it would have to be significant cause if the only reason is price...then it's not a good enough reason...or something like that..whatever...bad day still.....:heart:
  11. graphite for me, although I do love raisin as well.
  12. Raisin. No doubt. Raisin. Oh, and did I mention....raisin???;)
  13. Raisin for me - dark enough to act as a neutral most times but enough color to be interesting. Would look great with a smart black coat. But you gotta love it - 'cause you gotta wear it.
  14. raisin, just because i love color. but i do love graphite too!
  15. Raisin is probably prettier but graphite will match more outfits. I'd try not to let the price drive the decision. You might consider something in the blue family, like brighton blue, which would be lovely and practical. I just remember you looking great in your blue scarves.