Let's just say.. TOKI NEWS

  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give my lovely tpf girls a head's up. I won't be posting for a few days, but i'll def. be back. With all the excitement of the gift exchange, I don't know... just want to make sure everyone knows that i'll still be participating.

    Tomorrow morning i'll be going to the hospital and having labor induced. My ob says i'm carrying a big baby and the longer we let him stay in, the higher my chances are of having a c-section... anyway, wish me luck!!! I'll be back soon and hopefully with pics of my new baby boy in his Mozzerella onesie!

    ... umm.. and to make this post more about Tokidoki... I'll be bringing the following with me to the hospital.

    1. Spiaggia Zucca
    2. Olive Camo Luna
    3. Pirata Cucciolo
    4. Citta Portatelefono (for my DS.. to keep me occupied while waiting for labor!)
    * I wanted to bring my Citta trenino also, just to show off :roflmfao: but I really don't need to bring that much stuff!

    ... p.s is it sad that i'm about to have a baby and i'm still thinking of Tokidoki and this forum!? hahahahaha
  2. Congrats Girl! Hope you and your beautiful baby are safe and sound!
  3. hahahaha...hope all is well!! have fun with your tokis in the hospital room!! Goodluck!
  4. good luck!!! u are the ultimate toki mama! can't wait to see your lil boy sportin his new found love for tokidoki! lolz
  5. Good luck!!
  6. Yayyyy your room will be filled with toki love lmfao...we'll see ya when you get back ^__^
  7. Wow! I am so excited for you! :yahoo:Do send lots of toki-love from us here to your new darling baby.:heart::heart: Do take care and enjoy this special moment - babies grow up too soon.
  8. awesome. yay for new baby! hehe my bf laughed when he read that you were takin ur DS with you into the hospital :smile:
  9. Yay!! Bringing tokis to the hospital will definitely make things much nicer. I hope everything goes well and yes, a DS is great for killing time!! Its so cute that your baby will be wearing the onesies!! Your baby will be born into the wonderful world of tokidoki!! :smile:
  10. Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see the baby pics in his Tokidoki onesie!;)
  11. Jeez, that baby doesn't wanna go nowhere. Maybe it has a DS in there......

    Take care, Mama!
  12. Congrats! You're having the baby, how exciting!
  13. O:huh:o:huh:ooo, congrats!! and good luck to you and your new big boy! :]!!! i know you'll be stunning while you're in labor with your tokidoki items!~
  14. Good Luck MamaxJam!!! I hope having all that toki with you helps calm any jitters :yes:
  15. so are you wearing a toki shirt to complete the tokiness? How cute!!

    Congrats! Post pics when you can!!