Lets just say.... Someone steals your purse...

  1. Are you more bummed about:

    a) the loss of the purse


    b) its contents?
  2. And of course we are talking an Hermes (a favorite but not necesessarily).
  3. This happened to me last year - and I was def more bummed out about the contents! The purse was easily replaceable (wore one of my least expensive bags that day) but boy replacing cell phones and cancelling credit cards, getting locks changed, etc was a HUGE pain in the a**.

    ooops! just realized I was in the Hermes lounge so NEVER MIND!
  4. both! lost of bags and contents!! i will be super bummed out
  5. A)

    Without a doubt.
  6. I would love to sound level-headed and sensible and yada yada yada.... But sorry folks....... a) :yes::yes::yes:
  7. I second what she said!
  8. after reading this it finally made me email my insurance guy and ask if I am able to insure handbags and shoe collections like I do my pearls and wedding ring!
  9. A!
    I always joke with my family that if this ever happens, I hope they take the cash and leave me the bag and wallet b/c they are worth a lot more than the cash I carry around.
  10. Definetly The Purse
  11. A!

    I really keep nothing of great value in my purse. I don't keep credit cards and I carry only a debit card (easily canceled) and a bit of cash, but that's it. Cell phone, no biggie, I keep a typed up list of numbers on my pc and have no issues programming them all back in, though it's a total pain in the arse. I think the only thing I'd be upset about, besides the loss of the purse, is the loss of my pens, one of which my Grandmother gave me for my HS graduation. I've had to have my locks changed out once already, so no big deal there either. My parent's would feel so bad for me that they'd replace everything in the bag...as I sob over the loss of my purse :crybaby:
  12. A all the way :yes:
  13. Ugh ... had that happened to me before ... definitely A since I had my wallet with me at the time ...
  14. Well..I don't, or ever will, have a purse... but if my messenger was ever stolen, I'd be, in general, very mad. It's not only a pain in the ass the replace..but there are also memories attached to certain objects. I'd only hope that the robber would have the good sense to use my swiss army knife on himself before I found him :smile:
  15. Oh dear GOD......it'd be a bloody nightmare! "A" all the way........