Lets just pass the Fake around...

  1. Unbelievable.

    This gal buys a vintage Kooba Sienna on eBay, realized the leather was off (has a friend with a REAL vintage Sienna) so she relisted it as an authentic Sienna with a great BIN. Your's truly (stupid impulsive idiot that I am) buys it, realizes it's fake & sends her this email:

    "Hello, just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived safely, but upon opening it, I'm convinced it isn't an authentic Kooba Sienna. The leather is not as it should be, and the hardware is off. (I owned another one which is authentic & this is not up to par with that one) The Kooba lining threw me off, because I was under the impression that the counterfeiters never used the Kooba signature lining, but evidently they did. I'm not sure if you can go to the original seller & get your money back, but this is a counterfeit & it's illegal to sell fake bags. You've been taken also. Let me know how you want to proceed."

    and all she can say is:

    "You can look at my past history and see the person that I bought the bag from. You can go to her. I am not selling illegal bags. I just purchased that bag right before I re listed it because I wanted a darker color. I have a friend who has that same bag she got at Nieman Marcus with that writing in the lining and the leather is different. All sales are final, as I noted in the listing. I have a positive feedback of 100%. If you want relist it and sell it yourself, or contact the person I bought it from on line, you are welcome. At $150.00 you will easily make your money back. Thank you."

    I informed her that would be unethical just to pass my mistake onto the next unsuspecting buyer. (just what she did to me???!!!!):cursing:

    Now I'm wondering how to proceed. I paid using my Paypal Credit. I can file a claim, but I heard it's up to the buyer to prove it's a fake! These emails say a lot, but she doesn't admit it's fake, just that the leather was different.

    Any ideas?
  2. Definitely claim with paypal, and tell the seller that's what you're doing.
    Please leave her negative feedback too!!!!!
  3. no, there's no mention of all sales are final
  4. *Bah*. What an old bag with that attitude!!

    You can either just straight away open a paypal dispute for item significantly not as described, or email her first to advise her that selling counterfeit good is illegal, and then open the dispute.

    I think I'd just open the dispute anyways...

    Good luck!!!

  5. You are entitled to your money back. You're going to have to file a claim. I would also advise her that the issue is between her and the seller who defrauded her. You still wield a weapon called feedback. It's hard to understand why she is risking her future standing for such an insignificant amount of money. Good Luck to U!
  6. I opened the dispute, but I know she clearly feels she's done nothing wrong from her emails. And she's offended that I would question her integrity because of her feedback score of 130 (14 as a seller)

    Good grief, does it matter? Am I a better person because I have over 2000 good feedback? No, it's a question of doing the right thing at this point (or any point) and this seller just wants to pass the buck, either on to another buyer, or back to the seller who sold it to her.

    I clearly don't understand her mentality, but from now on it will be dealt with through the Paypal dispute.
  7. It doesn't matter if she bought it from the Queen, its HER responsibility to verify authenticity BEFORE she sells it. I'm sorry for you because you're the one who has to go through all the hassle of getting it authenticated to get your money back, and I'd push for your return shipping money back, too.
  8. Get it authenticated while you are waiting. Once it is escalated to a claim (seller can escalate it too) you have that deadline to deal with.
  9. Oh and be very descriptive in the reasons why it is fake. Spell it out point by point before it gets escalated. Once it gets escalated you can't add to the complaint.
  10. Good on you for doing the right thing - I have heard people suggest fake bags should simply be relisted more than once and it never fails to make my jaw drop that anyone could be so unethical. Make that claim, offer as much detail as you can about why it is a fake and hang in there. This is grounds for a SNAD claim so whether she said sales were final or not is irrelevant but I too couldn't see where she states that in her listing.
  11. Does anyone know who will officially authenticate a Kooba?

    I was reading on eBay and it's the seller responsibility to make sure an item is authentic before listing; but in reality, it's really the buyer who has to prove their case, and that just doesn't seem right.
  12. Not sure since I live in Canada, but jeez! She really goes out of her way to mention fakes a lot doesn't she? Simply unconscionable.
  13. Seller escalated the claim, almost seems like she's done this before.

    Let's see. I paid $150. for it; and I'll have to fork out how much more $$ for an authenication service, because I now have to prove it's fake?

    I might just let this one go & give the bag away to some charity-at least I'll get a tax write-off.
  14. Don't give up.I'm not sure what they charge but contact MyPoupette http://www.mypoupette.com/ , they provide authentication service and can help you prepare formal written statements to suport your fraud claim with Paypal. Good luck.