Lets just love LV and not put non-LV owners down!

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  1. Ok I am really getting sick of some who tend to put other people down just because they dont own an LV! We are all here to find out the latest styles, shallowly obssess, and admire bags in general! Lets not make it get too far as to offend others. Owning an expensive bag doesnt prove my worth as a person even if Ive owned tons of LV in 15 years. I just love the brand.....period! I hope we can make a commitment to stop comparing who's who and who's not. Be it chanel, hermes, prada, gucci, coach, not to mention a $20 tote from target etc. Lets just be happy with what we have and quit making others feel so inferior just because they carry a non designer bag. We may have different opinions on certain styles and preferences but lets leave it at that!

  2. OK............like did anybody say ANYTHING on this forum too somebody because they did not own a certain bag?
    N O !

    We are here to talk about the bags we like and to have SOMEWHERE to talk about the brands of bags we like.

    If you dont feel confortable here dont post then...

    Sorry i HAD to say cuz im sick of people thinking just because i own an LV i think im higher.....SOOO not true...

    theres something called a stereotype....

  3. I forgot to mention SPECIFICALLY about the LV vs Coach thread by the way! That really bugged me and people are just starting to get catty in some of these threads!
  4. Ohh i hope you dint think i was ranting about you.....Just because some people carry and LV,or Chanel,Hermes,etc....it does not mean they think they are higher...Its a bag...and its a bag that you think its pretty,not a status symbol.
  5. Sorry Im sooooooo confused :confused1: has something been said ??
  6. :nogood: drammmmaaaa
  7. Um, I think it started as just a comparison type of thing...and then got a little out of hand. I don't think it was intended to insult somebody. And the thread asked for opinions, and that's what they got.
  8. O M G like seriously...watever we are here to enjoy LV's right?
    Nothing else......

  9. ITA lets just enjoy LV!
  10. :back2topic: LV's!! hahaha
  11. that is why I always avoid those threads. it is inevitable that people get catty, so I just don't read them. :tup:
  12. The person did ask for what people thought, and people replied. It was posted in an LV thread, of course LV lovers are going to side with LV. It's just opinions, everyone's entitled to them.
  13. I didn't read the thread (yet), but I would agree that we all need to be mindful of this. I don't currently own any LV, but hope to in the near future. I'm 35 and have a son with autism. I'd rather spend $1K on his therapies & treatments than a purse for myself.

    I was watching Oprah today about all these families in debt. One woman bought a pair of $900 shoes, but couldn't afford a baby crib. C'mon people, where our our priorities?

    By all means, let's shallowly obsess, but let's remember that most of our lives DON'T revolve around handbags. Just my 2 cents...

  14. It's quite easy for things to get out of control. I'm not too worried though because we have great moderators who try to close and limit any threads that will produce drama.
  15. anything said in this thread can be said in the other one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.