Lets Just Do A Recap Of Lindsay's Drama This Month


    It's all ups and downs for Lindsay Lohan, who ended her recent New York trip with a fractured wrist after slipping at Milk Studios during Fashion Week. By Sunday she was back in Beverly Hills, nursing her wound with the help of boyfriend Harry Morton

    Just a couple of weeks before, Lohan has a free hand for Morton at the Venice Film Festival, where she helped premiere her movie Bobby. The cuddly couple even heated up engagement rumors (later shot down by mom Dina) when Lohan wore a series of diamond sparklers.

    From Venice, a distraught Lohan (left) touches down at London's Heathrow Airport with Morton to find her Hermès bag – with a rumored $7 million worth of jewelry in it – missing. The bag was recovered that same day intact.


    Three days after the bag incident, Lohan recovers her composure – with some retail therapy in London's tony Notting Hill (left), including at the Arrogant Cat boutique. Then it was off to celebrity-fave Topshop, where the fashionista emerged wearing her new purchases – a cropped red leather jacket and knee-high boots.


    Once back in the States, Lohan's go-go schedule takes her to New York Fashion Week's runway shows and afterparties – and she nets a reprimand from her Georgia Rule costar Jane Fonda. The veteran actress told Access Hollywood, "Every once in a while a very, very young person who is burning both ends of the candles needs to have somebody say, 'You're gonna pay the piper, you better slow down.

    Still, Lohan keeps on moving – this time exclusively on the turntables. Taking a goth turn at a Diesel afterparty at Tenjune, mixmaster Lindsay gets the party started, and learns a lesson about emceeing from deejay Steve Aoki.

    Meanwhile, the past month reportedly has been studded with un-Brady Bunch-like dustups among the Lohan crew – though family drama is nothing new. First, Lindsay's incarcerated father Michael Lohan sent the New York Daily News an angry hand-drawn cartoon depicting people he claims have soured his relationship with his daughter. Then, eyewitnesses reported that Lohan and her mother had a public fight at Dina's birthday celebration at New York's Phillipe Chow recently.

    But at least Lindsay has her friends – and a cadre of fans – by her side. Lohan is all smiles as she greets some young admirers while dining outdoors at New York's West Village hot spot, Da Silvano, on Sept. 14.
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