Let's imagine Damier Azur when it's patina......

  1. Hello everyone, i am thinking about getting Damier Azur Speedy (haven't decide on 25 or 30 yet), but was wondering will i still love Azur after the handle start the patina process? It will be kind of funky to have cream Azur body w/patina handles?, since Azur is such a butter creamy color... i will be mad at myself if i start to stop carry Azur due to patina.....but just the thought of it! :crybaby: I wonder why LV don't use the same handle as the Vanilla Speedy?

    What do you think?
  2. Try searching this forum...someone actually photoshopped some awesome pics that will show you exactly what it will look like:smile:
  3. post2.jpg Here is a picture from a tpfer
  4. This is te best case scenario


    and the WORST case scenario


    you'll most likely end up with something in the middle..

    Hope this helps!:smile:
  5. still glad i didn't get the azur speedy... don't think i like it with patina.
  6. Thanks!

  7. Me too. The mini pouchette comes with a chain & I want to use it as a clutch so it should work for me. I was thinking about buying the Cles too.
  8. They should just get rid of the cowhide all together.
    It should be nice leather, or snake skin etc.
    I hate patina. Who cares if it's an LV it's still brown and dirty looking.

    The patina is NOT attractive on that bag at all.
    Total disconnect.
  9. I actually dont mind it.. the patina looks fine on the speedy!.. But I would probably go for the damier speedy, instead of the azur.. goodluck w/ deciding!
  10. This post actually made me decide to go for the Damier Azur. lol! I was afraid it would look yuck with the patina, but I think it looks gorgeous in the golden honey stage. :heart: I can't wait until mine develops a patina now!:P
  11. Do you think the Seleya will be a better choice where it's not hand held (although it can be) but less chance of really dirty patina? I was thinking of the Seleya PM for myself. It's either that or I'll end up with the pouchette since there is hardly any vachetta leather....I love the azur print though!!!
  12. :amuse: Thanks a bunch MissThing for the links and advice. I actually think patina actually give a nice contrast w/ cremy Azur, the only trick is if it can escape dirty vachetta from me haha :sweatdrop:

    As far as replace the leather and handle, how much will that be and how long will it take?
  13. I really love the Azur with patina!!!!
  14. I'm considering the azur speedy 25 and I like the contrast of colors in those pictures. I'm just not sure about it when the leather becomes super dark. Maybe I'll just use it for spring/summer?! Hhhhmmmmmmm