Let's honor our RM MAMs.. Pictures & Chat!!

  1. The tangerine is so pretty, I regret not buying it when I saw it :sad:
  2. hey guys, are the MAM's heavy? i'm a petite girl so worried it will kill my shoulder or arm.
  3. Hi.. No, MAMs aren't heavy. Some leathers are lighter than others. I am petite too and the MAM is my bag of choice. Perfection to me.
  4. I weighed a few MAMs for another thread and they were about 2.5 lbs. the older ones are mostly heavier than the newer ones but not by a lot.
  5. i got the MAM i ordered online, and i think i'll have to return it. it looks HUGE on me. i look like i'm toting around luggage:sad:
  6. do you think it is the MAB size which is larger? maybe it needs to break in too. i hated the MAM style at first because i thought it was too stiff & boxy, so i bought & returned many. then i finally kept one long enough & it is now a perfect puddle of smoosh. MAMs are my favorites. but they are not for everyone.
  7. I'm so lusting after a Noir MAM or Nikki! What's your lining? Did the regular Noir MAMs come in the same lining or the mosaic lining?
  8. Ohhh noir. So pretty. I'm always stalking Bonz and eBay for a noir mam.

  9. ooooh, is this scarlet??! scarlet is one that i always wish i had picked up. too pretty!
  10. Glory.....I've seen Noir MAMs with both Mosaic lining (my dd's) and with the blue/ white striped lining.
  11. Thanks MAGJES!
  12. Yea, the way the strap dangles on the side when you're not wearing it crossbody is awkward... there's cuter RM's for that size, like mini MAC or BF. I wish they made an intermediate size between the mini mini and the MAM, since sometimes MAMs can be too big but you still want that satchel look, you know?
  13. Any girls can recommend me a light pink/purple tone color mam which has soft and smooth leather? :flowers: