Let's honor our RM MAMs.. Pictures & Chat!!

  1. I love my first RM!!! It's cobalt MAM and I have aspirations to have assortment of colors. It's the perfect bag for me. I haven't even worn it yet, but I know I'm going to love it. I can't wait to get more colors! BTW before purchasing, I hadn't seen one IRL. I took a chance based off of all your lovely pics and helpful comments. Again, sooooo happy with my stylish new bag! Thanks girls!
  2. I love pop color MAMs, they're like candy and just as addictive!
  3. That's the $$$ shot!!! :dothewave: All gorgeous, vibrant and fun!
  4. I love each and every one of them! My fave is the Purple Alligator! :smile:

  5. Congrats on your first RM! One is not enough :p
    Would love to see photos of cobalt:smile:
  6. Thanks, J! In all my years of collecting and rehoming RMs this is the first time I'm truly satisfied with my collection! And gosh I've been at this awhile... Off and on since 2008!

    Thanks! I'm totally infatuated w purple alligator, it's my second fave bag of my RMs, first being my trusty ms. Black Cat. If there was a fire these two would be the bags I'd save. :lol:
  7. That's awesome!!! We've both been at it about the same time then! Not sure if that's something to brag about or not.... :p I've whittled down my collection as well, and if I could just find a Black & White Straw MAM/MAB...I think I could say the same! :smile:
  8. Maybe you're like me. I'm one to go overboard with things and feel the need to master something, I'm the type who listens to the same song or watch the same movies over and over again. A song and movie have endings but gosh darnit; RM keeps making new bags. Looks like I'm not going to master this one.
  9. I just ordered a pair of these Zara platforms and thought about your quest.
    For when you find your black and white straw mam/MAB... http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/us/en/zara-us-S2012/189510/828216/PRINTED%2BPLATFORM%2BWEDGE
  10. Yeah...no mastery with this one the way she keeps introducing new styles! I have come to terms with that and the fact that I thought I needed a few dozen RM's to be content. The good thing for me is that I am honestly not too in love with most of the newer stuff...a few things here and there pique my interest, but for the most part I have moved on. I am always tempted by all her old school beauties though of course! :graucho:

    Those are awesome and a perfect match!! I'd probably break my neck in them though...I don't do well in heels or high wedges. My feet just won't let me wear them anymore.:nogood:
  11. I'm with you there in that only a few of her recents interest me. I'm an old school gal and MAM lover at heart. As for the wedges, I'm the opposite, can't do flats. I like the idea of them, comfort and all but they just collect dust in my closet. (phew! Close one! When I typed dust next to n, my iPhone tried to autocorrect as 'nudist' lol)
  12. Awesome! I know you could rock them!
  13. Thanks travelerscloset. I would love to share pics with you all. But first I must replace my digital camera, and then ask for assistance from family with posting. I'm behind with being familiar with computers you see. The good thing is by the time I'm able to post pics, I think I will have aquired quite the RM collection! LOL! But, seriously I will as soon as I'm able.
  14. I received my first Minkoff bag this Monday (Manila time) - the MAM and it is divine!

    I got it in soft bronze, gold hardware and I think it's the Mab Mini with New Strap. Will upload pictures soon! :smile::smile: