lets hear it for the mono and sig bags!

  1. have seen several threads about how cheap and copied mono/sig bags look. some of u must love these prints though? come on! lets here for our gorge mono and sig bags!

    i haev a coach sig wallet and a soho flap (both khaki/brown) and a mono louis speedy, organizer and clés. also a donney it bag (love that rainbow zipper!) i love the pattern and design of these bags. i also find that people who no bags can c the bag si real and not faux.

    share some mono love!
  2. I love the mono, I don't care what anyone thinks :p
  3. I love the look of the logos, I just wish they weren't copied so much. To me that takes away from it and people are always questioning the authenticity of your bag.
  4. Logo's aren't for everyone and I'm somewhat selective about the ones I purchase. I usually go for the look of the bag. But one thing I know, LV mono is timeless. I have 2 LV bags that I purchased 20 years ago, and they are still around in the current collection - unfortunately, they are copied, but those in the know can tell the difference.
  5. I love logo and non-logo bags ... I think it depends on the person carrying the bag! If you look confident and your outfit is well put together, your bag will look stunning regardless of whether it has logos or not. Some styles just look gorgeous with the logos (ie. LV speedy) and some would look awkward with logos printed all over (ie. Balenciaga motorcycle). I think every bag designer offers something ... I would never bash another designer, I call that 'tunnel vision':yes: since obviously you don't see the various possibilities on how to wear that bag.
  6. I love my LV mono. I just got a Dooney signature cosmetic bag today, and I love. I have no problem with logos if they're done right. I don't care that they're faked a lot. As long as I know mine's real, it's all good.
  7. Hell yes, I love my Coach signature, LV mono and Fendi zucca!! Not all the time and not all at once but I wear mostly plain colors and a logo'd bag looks great!!
  8. My bee-yoo-tee-ful Coach Signature Ergo Hobo! I love the larger sized C's.

  9. I love my LV Mono Speedy!
  10. I love mono too! Its like someone else said, not everybody can pull it off but if you feel great and confident, you and your bag will LOOK great:smile: