let's hear about the nj hermes lunch !!!

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  1. i'm willing to live with descriptions -- so what did you see / buy?? :graucho:
  2. Yes, tell us!
  3. i wanna hear!
  4. We had such a great time yesterday. The conversation never ebbed, the wine/champagne was delish, the food was wonderful and we (well, some of us) even indulged in a bit of dessert. :smile:

    As for shopping, since there is no Hermes in NJ, we did stop at the Hermes scarf counter at Neiman Marcus. Both RC and Rose have posted in another thread about the damage they did there (I'll let them recount their purchases here instead of stepping on their toes). Suffice it to say, both Rose and RC looked stunning with their new purchases.

    I ended up with two pairs of shoes, both Ferragamo. The first (that I'm wearing today, of course) is a pair of pewter-colored, 2.5" wedges and the other is a pair of black, flat slides with gold h/w. I also bought a big box of Godiva truffles for my paralegal, who is celebrating birthday week.

    But, of course, the company was even more wonderful than the shopping!
  5. I was excited at the prospect of meeting up with the ladies. Tods and I drove up together and that gave me an opportunity to get to know her better. What an absolutely wonderful and interesting lady she is. I proclaimed to her as we entering NM that I wan not going to get a thing! So as we walked up to the scarf counter (where we had arranged to meet RC and arcangel) what did a spot just 'laying there'........????


    I tried it on, I loved it, but decided to hold on on buying it. Tods did say I should get the blue. RC then arrived... what a vision. In a raisin colored dress, sexy black open toed sandals (toes pained a deep purple) carrying her 35cm raisin Birkin.... absolutely, show stopping, gorgeous.

    I tried on the blue toile for her and made her try it on, gorgeous. Had it put aside. RC tried on some mousses too, but I will let her describe the details and outcome. A very pretty lady with a gorgeous Kelly approached us and I whispered 'arcangel'???? and it was her!!

    We then headed over to the Chanel section and it was nearing lunch time so I went ahead to the restaurant while some purchasing was done at Chanel.....

    As I passed the restaurant window, I saw cute Ninja Sue waiting inside, entertaining herself with a glass of wine. I headed in and the others arrived shortly afterwards, carrying a little something.....

    Great food, drink, but best of all great company:heart:

    Arcangel had to leave after lunch, but the four of us stayed and shopped some more.

    I did call NM when I got back home and the blue toile is on it's way to me.

    What a lovely afternoon..... must do it again and DQ.. you must join us the next time.

    POTH, Jill, Minne, QM, we missed you, but hopefully we can catch up soon.
  6. There was also a mousse I cold not stop thinking about... so I got that too... but I am not saying anything more about that, far too embarrassed... so I am saying NOTHING! No Tods... you can't make me.....

    No, NS, cute as you are, I am saying NOTHING!
  7. :nuts: Which mousse, Rose? :nuts:
  8. Sounds like a great day out, Rose! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. ^^ MrsS, we didn't take any pics, will do the next time, I promise.
  10. Excuse all the typos in my posts, trying to play with the dog while typing...

    toes pained....lol painted etc etc
  11. Wait. hold up. so now you have the stole in red, green and blue? LOL. now you know you HAVE to tell us what the other one was.
  12. Oh what fun!! Omgosh, I am blushing at your description of me! Amazin' Raisin really carried me. I'm telling you, you carry that bag and you just can't look too bad!;)
    Tods and Rose gave me a wonderful tutorial on scarves. Tods even tied a head wrap on me!:wtf:Rose was hysterical because I looke absolutely ridiculous. Thank goodness no camera around!
    I am the guilty part with the Chanel purchase (very cool Chanel black leather belt with CC closure). I also kept eyeing a fuschia Mousseline GM in peonies (i think, still awful with scarf names), but was worried that the GM was too large. I too set mine aside ....and later called and charged it!
    I also saw NS's mousse stole in fleur de fuschia, fell in love and hunted that down after I got home (on the way to the house now!)
    Rose, spill love! I want to hear what other scarf you purchased. I am so glad you got that blue toile. Even the scarf newbie (me) knew that it was perfect for you the minute you put it on!
    Just chatting it up with kindred spirits was the highlight though!

    (BTW, my posts will always have misspellings...some typos because I am a horrible typist...and the others because I am a horrible speller!! I learned an experimental reading technique called ITA based on phonics and it wrecked me as a speller for the rest of my days! They quickly yanked it from the school systems so you don't hear about it anymore).
  13. Rose, you're pretty darn gorgeous yourself (even if you look exactly like my OB-GYN).

    Glad you ladies had a fab time!!
  14. Very sweet report!

    Let's have some pics of the purchases!!!
  15. Rose, you must spill. this is a safe place to spill... a mousse besides the one you had on hold? OMG, you are the queen of mousses (you and katel, of course)

    Spill martinis, spill your guts, spill your secret H purchases, spill away!!
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