Let's Have Some H Fun....

  1. Ok....So I Am A Little Bored Right Now.

    We All Have Been Talking Closets...Thank You RC (Which Is So Fun). Also, How The French Eloquently Keep Their Closet Size To A Minimum & Still Look Magnificent (Also So Fun To Talk About!).

    So Here Is Our Time To Wish.....You Are Given A Beautiful Armoire, Chosen For You By S'Mom. This Armoire Is Only To Hold Your Hermes Items.

    Now You Can Own Five Hermes Bags, 5 Scarves, & 5 More Hermes Items. The Other 5 Items Can Not Be Bags, Or Full Sized Scarves.

    Have Fun With This. Give Details, Pictures ~ Whatever You Like!!!!!:heart:

    ***Oh Remember, Hermes & Armoires Are Suppose To Last A Lifetime....So Think Carefully!!!!!!;)
  2. Oh! & These Don't Have To Be Things You Own....This Is Just A Dream/Wish
  3. 5 Bags
    -28 Sellier Black Box Kelly GHW
    -28 Braise Porosus Croc Kelly GHW
    -30 Fuchsia Porosus Croc Birkin GWH
    -30 Violet Porosus Croc Birkin PHW
    -35 Black Togo Birkin GHW

    5 Scarves
    -Pavements In Blue Colorway
    -Tohu Bohu In Black
    -Tohu Bohu In Red
    -pluie d'entincelles In Fuchsia
    -La Tour Eiffel s' Envole, Also In Fuchsia

    -Heart Cadena GHW
    -Heart Cadena PHW
    -Black Cashmere Toho Bohu Shawl
    -Fuschia Croc Bearn Wallet (Like Baggs" Wallet, I May Want Gold Hardware Though)
    -Chaine D'Amour bag chain

    ***Some Of These Items Do Own & Of Course, Want To Keep A Lifetime

    My Other Items Are Not Up To Par...Oy!
  4. Wow great thread K :heart:

    5 Bags:

    30 cm raisin Lindy
    30 cm graphite Kelly
    black Trim
    blue jean croc Kelly
    parchemin Plume ETA: Would rather have havanne or cafe I think!

    5 Scarves:

    Tutankhamun, beige colorway
    Feux du Ciel, grey and pink colorway
    Cosmos, white colorway
    Kelly de Caleche

    5 miscellaneous:

    hippo cadena, PHW
    pegasus cadena, GHW
    rose shocking croc Jige (or Kelly wallet, mmmm)
    ribbons twilly, purple or pink colorway
    violette ostrich Kelly wallet
  5. OK ... my turn...

    5 Bags:-

    1) 30cm Cobalt Bleu/Bleu Roi/Bleu Iris/Bleu Jean Ostrich Birkin /w PHW
    2) 25cm Braise Nilo Croc Kelly /w GHW
    3) 30cm Raisin CDC with any HW
    4) 30cm Beige Rose or Ficelle Porosus Croc with PHW
    5) Ficelle Lizard Kelly Pochette

    maybe I squeeze in a 6th ... 30cm Matte Croc Birkin with PHW (colour: TBD)

    5 Scarves:-
    (sorry, I can't think of any right now)

    5 Others:-
    1) Havanne Alligator Azap Long Wallet
    2) A whole bunch of Shooting Star cadenas, for all the lovely ladies still hunting for one (I haven't forgotten about them. It's just that Paris is not responding to the order!!!)
    3) Pilo pouch .... only if I decide that I want a Blackberry Curve, which I am taking forever to decide ... With Hermes, it's usually the speed of light. I am so dragging my feet on this. :sweatdrop:
    4) One of those beautiful sterling silver or palladium accessories from the SS2008 runway show. Need to see them IRL to decide. :supacool:
  6. how fun! let's see...

    1. 35 Black Swift Birkin w/ gold
    2. 32 Black Box Kelly w/ gold
    3. Black Box Kelly longue w/gold (noticing a trend?? I wear way too much black!)
    4. Black Trim w/palladium- not sure what size
    5. and just for fun, a 31 Lindy in a bright color- maybe jaune?

    1. I have Boite au Vol in yellow and wear this all the time, so that's on my list for sure
    2. Tohu Bohu, probably in the black + bright colors
    3. Astrologie (not sure which CW)
    4. Swinging St. Germain in the blue/brown
    5. Passementerie in purple

    1. Black Riding Boots (I live in this style of boot and I'm sure H makes the very best)
    2. Black Collier de Chien w/ gold HW
    3. Wallet- probably a Dogon in a bright color, maybe raisin or rose shocking
    4. Agenda, same color as the wallet
    5. one of those long horn necklaces- stunning!
  7. 5 Scarves, & 5 More Hermes Items. The Other 5 Items Can Not Be Bags, Or Full Sized
    30cm Sapphire Birkin
    30cm Rouge Vif Chevre Birkin
    30cm Braise Croc Birkin
    28cm Box Black Kelly
    28cm Violet Croc Kelly with diamonds

    Piviones with Black & hot pink
    Piviones with Sapphire Blue

    Other items:
    My Kiwi, I cherish it,
    My Beaver keychain because it makes me laugh like crazy.
    An Hermes Whip for when Wong visits.
  8. LOL, Japster :heart:!
  9. this is so hard :wtf:


    34cm café matte croc lindy
    raisin lindy 34cm
    natural barenia kelly flat
    32cm rouge h box kelly with gh with fantastic patina, a few decades old
    40cm rouge h shiny croc birkin with ph
    36cm natural barenia HAC

    :whistle: is that cheating.. ooooh but if they could make me a reversible lindy with the croc on one side and the raisin something else on the other side they could count as one :s :lol:


    josephine danse, white
    bal de bulles, navy/purple
    de passage à tokyo, black
    de passage à tokyo, navy
    tuiga, navy


    the boots in the kelly calèche ad
    black cdc belt with rh
    black kelly secret wallet with rh
    rouge h box gm zippy agenda
    shooting star cadena in ruthenium (well if i can only have five things i can make stuff up can't i? :lol: )
  10. bagluv, this is really making me think about a good all-round pared-down collection.

    -ebene clemence Birkin 35, PH
    -black box Kelly 28, GH
    -black matte croc KP, PH or RH
    -havanne matte croc Lindy 30, PH
    -cognac ostrich Birkin 30, GH

    -Fantasties Indienne, green
    -Danse du Cosmos, "sepia" (i don't know the official term) colourway
    -De Passage a Paris

    -compact Bearn wallet
    -GM agenda
    -H belt
  11. The first three I own, and couldn't imagine not having. The last two bags are a dream.

    35 cm rouge vif chevre birkin ph
    Blue brighton pm2 evelyne
    37cm marron fonce fjord bolide
    30 cm black clemence or togo birkin gh
    30 cm graphite croc birkin ph

    None--have yet to been able to make scarves look right on me

    Turquoise chevre karo gm
    Raisin chevre karo gm
    chocolate togo dogon
    rouge h togo dogon
    rose shocking azap long
  12. You Are All Doing Sooooo Good!!!! It Took Me An Almost An Hour & There's No Way, Mine Is A Completely Round Collection....I Don't Have Anything Really For Evening??? Oh Well!!!
  13. Great thread, bagluv!

    5 bags:
    - 23cm Rouge H box constance GH (day to evening hands-free look)
    - 28cm Braise Porsus Sellier Kelly (princess days)
    - 35cm Black Box Birkin GH (each and every occasions)
    - Black Box Kelly Elan PH (day to night clutch look)
    - 30cm Natural Barenia Birkin (casual days reading a book at a coffee shops)

    - La Gloire de la Cusine Francaise with red border
    - Bibliotheque original issue in 90x90cm
    - Pavement GM Cashmere shawl in with Navy blue border
    - L'Ecrire in Navy/cream colourway
    - Turandot in red colourway

    - My vintage H Gold horn belt buckle with Black box/natural chamonix belt
    - My vintage Black Box travel wallet
    - Sterling silver Kelly cadena
    - Black riding boots
    - chevre rose shocking mini frame with pics of dh and dd
  14. LMAO!!!!! Ok......this is fun.......let's see......


    Rouge H Box w/Gold 30cm,
    Black Box w/Ruthenium 30cm,
    Cognac Ostrich w/Gold 30cm,
    Black Box Kelly w/Gold 28cm Retourne,
    Vintage Havane Croc Kelly w/Gold 28cm Sellier.


    Paperoles black/gold
    Reverie Pompeienne
    Le Giraffes


    Black Miroir Compact Bern,
    Reversible Constance Belt with brushed Palladium buckle,
    Rouge H "H" Chamonix Cuff,
    Black Chamonix Kelly Elan Clutch,
    *Sterling Kelly Charm

    *Muffin's on the case.......not very successfully but it keeps her busy.....
  15. Bags:
    31cm black clemence Bolide, PHW
    25cm black box Kelly, sellier, PHW
    31cm toile/barenia Trim, PHW
    30cm gold togo Birkin, PHW
    Jige elan, matte croc (color undecided)

    Axis Mundi
    Joies d'Hiver
    La Vie Precieuse de la Mediterranee
    Voie Lactee

    Cape cod watch, croc strap
    Pegasus cadena
    Constance belt, black/gold PHW
    Roulis bracelet
    cashmere shawl