Lets have some fun...what bag NOT to carry to a job interview?!?!?!


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Mar 2, 2006
What impression do you think this will make...:weird:

It's so confused, it's like "I'm a hippy" but still all like "it's okay to wear fur".. yeah it's probably fake fur, but the bag is just confusing !!
pursegalsf said:
What the heck is that thing? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am trying to find out where I got it from! It is one of those places that sell real designer things for less. But it was like $600 :blink: !!! I mean who the heck would pay that much for THAT! Someone has to pay me to carry that...:sick:
That is hideous:lol: .

But what seriously not to carry to a job interview?

I suppose it depends on your profession,but in mine,a Marc Jacobs Stam bag would not go down well.

People in my profession in this country tend to be sober and understated (they find *me* strange for displaying an interest in matters of frivolous fashion:lol: ) and I can just imagine the double takes at the first sight (not to mention sound) of the chain...
i think that if you're in a high-paying field, regular LV monogram is ok because every lady in the office probably has one and many probably carry it regularly, it's a pretty conservative and classy fabric. i wouldn't do any other logo, though, and i definately wouldn't do multicolore. if the place you're working isn't relatively high-paying, then i'd forgo it altogether. also, nothing slouchy, overly adorned, or sparkly. medium-sized, dark-colored, and structured is what i'd go for.