let's have some courtesy in the market place please?

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  1. a member of ours agreed to purchase my bag but never followed thru with the transaction. instead she purchased from another forum member. i can understand if she changed her mind but she could have had the decency to PM me. ignoring all my messages is really rude. can we all try to be more courteous to each other?

    i'm left with a 45 dollar ebay bill, which i now have to fill out a report for a non paying ebayer to get it cancelled. in all my 3 years of selling, this is the first time i've gotten a dead beat bidder. i'm pretty upset about it.

    lets be a little bit more responsible and communicate with each other.

  2. This is totally not right!! I wonder if there is any recourse through Vlad and Megs? I think a feedback section is really needed.
    Sorry you had to go thru this Fayden :sad:
  3. Oh !! I'm sorry to hear that Fayden. I can understand why you are so upset, there was obviously a lot of trust that was broken.

    Really sorry !
  4. I'm sorry to hear that Fayden. Which bag was it?
  5. Oh that is bad, I'm sorry you had that experience. I had assumed that all members were being courteous towards each other!
  6. I'm sorry that happened to you Fayden! You are totally right, its just common courtesy to PM you if they are no longer interested. I hope it does not happen again!!!
  7. I am so sorry this happened to you. If a member backed out she should have atleast paid the ebay fee.

    Come on girls, this isn't ebay...lets treat each other like we should. I don't think some of us take this forum lightly and have become more than a member name! Lets take responsibility for our purchases, be courteous if we can't follow thru, and always keep this forum a wonderful place.

    We know if this continues Vlad, Megs, and the mods will shut the market place down. I wouldn't want that!!!
  8. that blows. can't believe a PF member would behave that way. SHAME ON THEM!
  9. That shouldn't happen. The whole point of the Marketplace is to avoid all of those sorts of hassles -- supposedly we are dealing with trustworthy forum members, who have proven themselves, when we deal with people here.
  10. Sorry to hear that! I didnt even know eBay charged for their services until recently when Becca told me. Is the "buyer" still ignoring you? That's terrible. She could've saved a lot of trouble by just talking to you.

    I think it's still going to happen, hopefully soon!


    PLEASE I hope that doesnt happen! Especially since I'm terrified of eBay, you guys are the only ones I trust to buy from online.
  11. it's for the hologram spy bag, which i have now relisted on ebay... i understand vlad and megs want to stay out of this as much as possible. which is fine... but thought i would post a thread about it.
  12. How very rude!
  13. All it takes is an email to you, sure it might look bad but this is even worse. Sorry this happened to you.
  14. I'm sorry this happened to you Fayden. The person should at least had the decency to contact you and tell they no longer wanted the bag. That sucks you got stuck with the fees, the buyer who backed out should pay you for them.
  15. There's always some back and forth within the forum that I think is one of the really awesome things about Marketplace. But man, once you place a bid on Ebay, you should be 100% sure you want the bag.

    Did the other member she ended up buying from offer the bag at a lower price, I assume?
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