Lets have another go...

  1. My gorgeous new Ferragamo bag :biggrin:
  2. love it...enjoy it :smile:
  3. It is beautiful, is it the Amy? !
  4. Thank you, I am enjoying it. Its quite lovely to carry and use. :smile:

    Thank you, and I believe this young chap is called Addy. Its a satchel/bowling version of the Amy. Its got the same detailing, leather, zip pulls and extra strap. I'm rather loving it. :biggrin:
  5. So good! I saw this one some time ago, i love how durable it looks, the shape and leather.
  6. Wow, this one is beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Thank you, I think its quite a classic shape and style. I'm hoping I'll be able to use and enjoy it for years to come. I was going to get the LV Speedy B 30, same price, but when I saw this beauty I was sold :biggrin:

    Thank you so much, it is rather beautiful isn't it :P The leather feels divine. And I just love how structured it is too. I don't always like to carry much and this bag looks the same whether its stuffed with stuff or nearly empty, and I really like that.