Let's have a party!! Calling all NYC/NJ Balenciaga Fans!!

  1. Hi guys- I had a great time meeting everyone at the trunk show at BalNY. I thought it would be fun to organize another get together. Possibly we could all share our collections with each other, etc....

    If you are interested, please send me a PM and I will gather everyone's emails so we can communicate and not clog this board.

    Thanks!! ;)
  2. PS- When you send me a PM, please include your email address. I am going to start an email group so we can all communicate.

    Yipeee!! I already have received a few PMs :yahoo:
  3. Judie i am planning to go when the new collection is out (hopefully soon). :yahoo:
  4. Hi everyone. It looks like we are getting together on June 23rd.

    Please send me a PM with your email address if you would like to join or get more info.


  5. Ack! DH & I will be away on our 10yr anniv. trip in Mexico. Wish I could be there. Keep me posted for the next. I would love to meet you all!
  6. I am hosting the party at my house on June 23rd in the afternoon. I cannot wait to meet so many pfers under one roof!!!!!

    Thank goodness my MIL will be visiting; she and my husband will take our kids to the park or pool or something. No way do I want him inside the house during this party!!!! :wtf::nuts::yahoo::p:heart:
  7. Wish I could make it. :crybaby:
  8. Oh -- I totally want to come to a meet-up!!! I had to skip the trunk show to go look at an apt.

    I actually have to go to NJ that Sat night (I planned a surprise birthday party for a friend and Medieval Times :roflmfao:) but I don't think I can go to the party in the afternoon. Is anyone still planning to go to the store one weekend? Or maybe meet up somewhere else in NYC?
  9. I am trying to plan a get together at BalNY right before the party. I would like to meet when the store opens at 11 am. If anyone's interested in this, let me know.
  10. Judie, et. al., let us know of any follow-up parties to this one, okay? Am totally bummed that the weekend of the 23rd couldn't work out for me, but would love the chance to meet all of you at a later date.

    Have loads of fun!!!
  11. Here's something that's probably going to sound stupid, but I feel funny going to this party! Not because everyone isn't and hasn't been friendly, but I don't have a large collection like everyone else. I just have one bag (and a money wallet), so I won't be participating much in the sharing of collections. Does this sound dumb or what?
  12. Coda- I know how you feel- imagine me- I have having a ton of strangers in my house :nuts:

    But I also know it's going to be a lot of fun. It's certainly not a competition of who has the most bags. Also I think some people will not be bringing their bags to show since it may be cumbersome for them to carry all the bags, especially those who are also planning on going to Bal NY.

    It's going to be FUN!!! I see it as a chance to meet other fun loving men and women, share a few mid afternoon cocktails and snacks and see bags :drool: Also, I have a funny feeling you may increase your bag collection before leaving my house ;)

    Monsoon- I think it would be fun to have a party before each season!!!!!! :sweatdrop: I'm sure we will be getting together again soon!!
  13. Bumping this up. The party is this Saturday in my house in NJ. :yahoo:
  14. You ladies have fun!!! I will try and join you on the next one.