Let's have a Guessing Game!

  1. Well I will be heading home in prob like 15 minutes or so and will be posting pics of my new bag in about a half an hour. Anyone have any guesses of what bag I might have gotten? Hmmm...Carly.....Ali....another Leigh!....Heritage Satchel....I wonder! You'll have to wait to find out! :shrugs:
  2. I think it's a Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. do we get a prize if we guess right :yes:.... lol i think its a Heritage
  4. Whenever it is guessed correctly then I will post a pic....maybe
  5. I'm betting Ali (she's been jonesing for one for a while now).
  6. I hope it's not another leigh :p
  7. yeah but they aren't at the boutiques anymore and she has it now, so I don't think so. :shrugs:
  8. an ali .....
  9. Medium Lily.... LOL just wishful thinking.

    Okay, serious are you on the bagwagon and bought something heritage?
  10. Okay, have I ever told y'all how impatient I am ???? :popcorn:
  11. It can't be heritage...she's got it already.
    Hmmm.....not a Carly?
    Another Leigh?
  12. Khaki/Ebony Leigh? You've been wanting one!
  13. :wtf: I can't do a search to see what she already has so I am unsure.
  14. Ok I am going to post a hint pic. Ready? Give me a min to take it and upload it....
  15. Okay...here is a little hint about what bag I may have gotten...


    P.S. none of the guesses so far have been correct...