Lets Gossip...What is the worst thing you have....

  1. What is the worst thing you have seen happen to a Hermes bag...or heard about what happened...and could it be fixed?

    2 stories for me....well 3.

    1. a lady at the boutique just got her orange birkin and that same day...her kid took a black crayon and marked up the back.

    She decided to wait a bit to send it in..so I don't know if it could or can be fixed.

    2. my SA told me a lady tripped on her birkin and her heel cut thru the front panel. I was told they sent it to Paris and that panel was replaced.

    3. I feel down the stairs with my raisin birkin...the corners got all scraped up....but it was send it and came back perfect.

  2. oh and the person that had F U written with sharpie on NYE....but I dont know if it got fixed?
  3. The very first Birkin I can remember seeing IRL was at a flea market in Paris. It was so old and beat up, the color was worn off all the edges and corners so you could see the undyed, greyish skin underneath. And the craziest part? The vendor still wanted 300 Euros for it. Poor birkin!!
  4. The NYE incident and the fact that the OP said cigarette burns on clutches was also very common. Also Paris/Britney scratching the raisin birkin on purpose. Grrr......

    Am very surprised I havent done anything daft to mine yet. LOL only a matter of time!
  5. Has anyone seen the two agendas on eBay right now? They look like they were shot out of cannons. Apologies in advance if they are member sales (the prices are quite reasonable!)
  6. Worst that I have heard was that a woman brought her Birkin in for cleaning only to find out she'd been carrying a fake all along (it was a gift and she assumed...). :sad:

    I felt bad for her...
  7. My girlfriend's authentic birkin was cut into many small pieces by her boyfriend because he was mad and jealous at her. :wtf:
  8. My bags are still new to me, so nothing bad so far, but one of the worst things I have heard was on this site. A lady or guy I cannot recall, was on a bus and his/her bag was stolen, I will never forget that. A terrible thing to occur.x
  9. oh man, her boyfriend cut up the BAG. omg.
  10. The boyfriend story is really horrible. Didn't she have Lorena Bobbit's telephone number?
  11. oh holla. or if her services are too expensive....she has a knife named after her.
  12. Ohmigosh!!
  13. I was in my Hermes store looking at enamel bracelets in a low drawer (while my SA was getting something for me in the back) and a woman approached (thinking I was an SA) told me that she had spilled a bottle of plum/raisin nail lacquer in her black kelly and should she bring it in or wait till she returned to NYC. She was standing there wearing an Evelyn and did not even have the bag with her!! I told her if it were my bag I'd hot foot that bag to the nearest H store.
  14. The boyfriend story that cut the whole birkin was the second time. First time he cut at the back part only then she have the back panel replaced, the second time, he cut the whole thing!! What a Poor bag!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  15. About 4-5 years ago, One of my friends just arrived Paris with her group of friends that all carried H bags. On the way from the airport to the city, She was sitting on the first row of the van with her kelly placed in front of her. When the van stopped at the traffic light then there was the motorcycle with 2 guys, broke the van's window and took her kelly away and ran off so fast!! She and everyone was so shocked but nothing they can do. :wtf::wtf::wtf: