lets go to germany!!

Nov 19, 2006
hey girls!!, my hubby went to germany a few weeks ago for business and he brought me home 2 things. hope you like them !! :biggrin:

and he said he wanted to pick out my new bag so i let him.

oh here is a pic of the tag with the new price
the rest of the pics are from all the germany stores. hope you enjoy them



Mar 21, 2013
Germany, but soon Ban Island :)
Great pics!!

And ha, the first pics are from the boutique in Munich right? I've seen the SA at the boutique, though don't know her name or bought with her...

From which boutique is the pic with the CWC's and WOC's? Because I spy a fuchsia lamb WOC and if the fuchsia lamb mini doesn't arrive soon I maybe switch to the WOC...