Let's get it started in here!

  1. hi - I am a newbie to LV (I think twiggers and I have traded places)!!! Last weekend I bought the MC White Pochette and matching CLES/Key holder:yahoo:

    And guess what?


    I don't like to have too many of any one designer - I like variety. So for my iconic LV Bag, should I go for the mono Speedy 30? Something about those handles with the red edging make me :drool:!!! Thanks and nice to meet all of you!
  2. I'd definitiely go for the speedy 30. It's my fave bag!!!
  3. The speedy 30 would be nice.
  4. The speedy 30 definately.
  5. Good choice! Welcome to the board!
  6. the speedy is definitely a classic, but you should get what you're really dying for :smile: welcome to the LV dark side hehe
  7. i agree with what everyone has said so far..speedy 30 is the way to go!
  8. I too would definately go with the speedy 30! It is my fav too!
  9. Go for it!:tup:
  10. Yep.. definately the place to start! Welcome!
  11. Yes you should get a Speedy 30
  12. Oh yeah you got to get a speedy.
  13. careful LV is so adictive...I could shop every weekend if I had the $
  14. Welcome to LV brunettetiger! :graucho:
  15. Hi, nice meeting you :smile:

    I personally think you should get something more unique.

    Like MC Trouville.

    (Mono Speedy is too common, a great bag though)